Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stay True to Your Beliefs

By John Kubicek

In the last few days, we had the news about Miss California, Carrie Perjean, telling the world what she felt about the moral decay of this land, and sticking by her Christian values. And we have Rev. Gerri Janeway – writing "Where Did It All Go?" – also not afraid to say what needed to be said.

First, let's see the interview that Sean Hannity had with Carrie:

The reason why this story about Miss California made the news circuit on Fox News was because of the detractors on the other side such as shown in this poorly made video (Warning - turn your speaker volume way down - the audio is way too loud in this one):

While I should be sleeping right now, I had to get this out today. You see, this is all about staying true to your beliefs. And this may be a difficult thing to ask of you right now, following the DHS Assessment that links us to right-wing extremism, but now is the time for us to stick to our values. What Carrie Perjean did was to go out on the limb, and profess her Faith and belief in our Lord Jesus, despite the consequences. Meanwhile, Rev. Gerri was not afraid to tell us of the results when we stay silent. Just stay true to your beliefs.

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Anonymous said...

You have done an amazing job of presenting truth as it appears today...It takes faith, courage and strength to take a real stand today and be the Voice the Lord has called for you to be.