Friday, October 02, 2009

How About: While They Are There

By John Kubicek

I had doubts that I would see anything on the news this morning that would ever be worthy enough to take the time to upload to youtube. I had no desire to spend time video blogging about what a scumbag Dave Letterman is. In fact, that is now a well known fact that I really wanted to erase from my mind. It was not an image that I wanted to have stuck in my head.

And of course, there was that big attempt for Chicago to get the Olympics in 2016. There is now the great sadness...please bow your heads... that Valerie, Michelle, and Barack won't be getting rich on that great land deal that they thought was in the bag... Oh. I digress.

It surely pains me to see the Iran nuclear issue go by without my comment at this time, but seriously, I'm sure that most of you already know what a complete failure the Obama policy has been.

Mmmm mmm mmm, Barack Hussein Obama, you've been rejected!

And what a shocking story that would be to be telling you about now, except for the fact that there are many more important issues that have been rejected and ignored by Obama and his minions in the state-run media.

Being that I was not really all that enthusiastic about any of the stories of the day, I decided to take my time getting home from work this morning. I really didn't come across anything last night that deserved any mention. But the timing turned out to be perfect. When I finally arrived home, I found out about a musical tribute to our troops that was going to be playing in the last few minutes of Fox & Friends. I fired up my recording gear, and was able to get some video that was suitable for producing and uploading to my youtube channel.

Mmmm mmm mmm, Barack the Olympic Failure. While that is such a "tragic" event, that Chicago was eliminated (Obamanated in this case) from the Olympic considerations for 2016, there is another major tragedy going on that nobody else is covering today.

At this time, Barry the Obamanator is seemingly ignoring the need to make a decision about our strategy (or lack of it) in Afghanistan. His general on the battlefront appealed for the needed manpower and resources to prevent defeat. "Wait a minute, general," Obama seems to be saying, "getting the 2016 Olympics in Chicago is extremely vital to our national security."

Of course, the state-controlled media is keeping that story at the front of the line, while our fighting men and women are left hanging, not even knowing if their mission will be allowed to continue. How's that for a big morale booster?

The title of the song in the video above was, "When They Come Back," which was great. Those that are back from the war(s) definitely need our support. But, that isn't the whole story, is it? How about those that are still over there? They need our support. They need our President's support. I hope that now that he Obamanated the 2016 Olympics, he may want to spend some time thinking about our military and their needs.

Mmmm mmm mmm. Barack the Olympic Failure. And, so? Big deal. Where he must not fail is in what to do with Gen. McCrystal's requests to avoid defeat. I sure hope he met with the General in Copenhagen as some in the media suggested.

For us, the loved ones of the troops, we'll be honoring those that have come back, those that didn't make it back, and those that are still there. The question is, will the President honor any of them?

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