Saturday, October 31, 2009

Iowa is America (If Not Heaven)

By John Kubicek

Something very special has been happening in a part of America that rarely gets attention. But when there is attention, we make it big.

It really hit me today, when watching the Iowa Hawkeyes win another game, and yet the ESPN announcers were still being quick to discredit the Hawkeyes as a contender for the National Championship. It reminded me of how the tea party patriots have been treated in this last year by the press.

And yet, the Hawkeyes have still gone undefeated, despite being behind in 8 out of those nine games. No respect. And then, there was the march in Washington on September 12 with over a million people concerned with the direction this country is going. No respect.

The Hawkeyes could have just folded up in the 3rd quarter of today's game, after 4 interceptions in the that quarter alone. But, no, they showed the resiliency that has been displayed week after week. They came back with a perfect 4th quarter and slammed Indiana with four 4th quarter touchdowns. You couldn't have seen anything spookier on a Halloween than what the Iowa Hawkeyes accomplished in just a few minutes. It was reflective of what our country did to win our freedom. Down, but not out.

I'm so proud to be in Iowa. Somehow, this state seems to be able to get through the toughest times. Floods, tornadoes, gay marriages and budget problems. And don't forget the farm crisis back in the 1980s. Along comes a football coach for the Hawkeyes, by the name of Hayden Fry, that brought the nation's attention to it just by leading great teams to bowl games and putting stickers on the team's helmets.

When I thought about it today, following another great Iowa win on the turf, and still getting no respect from the national press, it seemed to reflect the way those of us on the Conservative side have had to deal with the same obstacle. What the liberal press discounts as fanaticism tends to actually be us just winning by resilience and perseverance. We can be down, but not out. It's the way Iowans are. It's the way the American people need to be.

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