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Setting the Stage - Part 2 - The UN-Solution


Written back in May of 2006, you would think that in a little over four years, things would have changed by now. The border and illegal immigration was an issue in 2006, and it still is (see the second video I inserted). And there has to be a reason for the UN-Solution, meaning that the politicians are refusing to do anything but continue to try to get amnesty for all of the illegal aliens already in the country.

Some people say that politicians want amnesty for the 12 to 20 million illegal aliens in the country just to eventually get their votes. But what I wrote seems to say that there may be another insidiously sinister reason. I believed way back then that it has more to do with globalism and the ultimate goal of a New World Order, and I'm sticking to it. Just sayin'...

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Setting the Stage - Part 2

The UN-Solution

By John Kubicek

Originally posted Mon May 22, 2006 2:26 am

The United Nations. Have you ever wondered how quite ironic it is that a globalist organization would be headquartered here in the United States, a country that seems to be so pro-sovereignty? We're not just talking about the small crowd attending the John Birch Society meetings, or even the brave volunteers of the Minuteman Project guarding the border with Mexico. Most Americans take our liberties seriously, more or less, if you haven't noticed. And despite the "dumbing down" of our society through the nationalized "educational" institutions (a.k.a. Indoctrination Centers), there are still plenty of us who understand that our liberty ends when we lose our national sovereignty.

And yet, it has almost become taboo, politically incorrect, to be nationalist or patriotic!

As always, the liberals have all the answers. In politically correct jargon, they call it "globalism". They've made sure that Americans adhere to the values of "multiculturalism" through a constant barrage of indoctrination via the educational institutions and the mainstream media. This hasn't happened overnight. A long time ago, after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989, I was shocked when I heard Bush 41 (President George Herbert Walker Bush) say something like, "We have a New World Order". At least he didn't say "we now have a One World Government", but it was a sign that there are those that are incrementally bringing us to that point.
When we are successful, and we will be

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k
The New World Order and Bush 43 (President George W. Bush)

Despite that address to the Nation that President Bush gave on Monday night, May 15, 2006, regarding immigration, I still do not believe that he, or our government, is really that serious about truly protecting our border with Mexico. In fact, for that matter, there was no mention of our Northern border with Canada. Okay, so the President doesn't want to "militarize" the Southern (or Northern) border. I have to ask, why the heck not? Could it be that Mexico or Canada would go to war with us? No. Would our neighbors think that we were getting ready to invade them? Not likely.

They have been talking about Immigration Reform in the U. S. Senate. They are trying to write a new bill in the Senate, which will have to be reconciled with the House immigration bill passed in January '06. Just last week, the Senate voted to include a 370 mile three-layer fence on our Southern border. But wait a minute, isn't the border with Mexico 1,950 miles? So, excuse me if I say that there truly is no serious desire to protect the border, and therefore, it must still be acceptable if a few more illegal immigrants (and terrorists) get into the United States. So, it isn't just President Bush that lacks the resolve to stop illegal border crossings. The mess with the immigration reform legislation on the Hill isn't showing much of a genuine concern by our House members or Senators, either.

Video provided by TheREALjohnny2k
There has to be a reason for this total lack of resolve to actually find a solution for immigration. There must be an insidious agenda in order for our government to keep looking the other way when it comes to allowing Mexicans, and others (Islamic Jihadists?), to so easily get into this country. Is it possible that the powers that be in the Beltway have decided it's time to take another incremental step toward the one world government? I have heard that there are some, such as the members of the Council on Foreign Relations, that would like a North America without borders.

And meanwhile, the United States seems to depend more on more on the United Nations to resolve other threats to our national security, such as preventing the crazy mullahs in Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Right. Just like the U.N. prevented North Korea from getting nukes. Just like we spent all that time going to the U.N. for more worthless resolutions while Saddam shipped his weapons of mass destruction to Syria. Iran is able to keep stalling while they keep processinig uranium so that they will soon have weapons-grade materials for making a nuclear arsenal of their own. I have to say that going to the United Nations is what I call the UN-Solution, (like the un-cola).

If the U.N. is so great at resolving world issues, then we must be missing something. We hear all those liberals screaming at our President, playing the blame game, about getting our troops out of Iraq. Ok, so why hasn't anyone suggested that the U.N. send in the guys with blue helmets into Iraq as peace-keepers? Especially now that Iraq has successfully formed their new unity government just last Saturday, May 20, 2006, I would think that a U.N. peace-keeping force would be the ideal form of occupation to prevent civil war in Iraq.

And maybe we should have U.N. blue-helmets stationed down along the border with Mexico, to prevent a civil war here in the United States. Okay, we're not ready for that. Not even the libs in the blue states are ready for that step. But, I am afraid to say, that is the direction we are headed for should this country continue to disregard border security. That's the UN-solution that nationalistic, patriotic Americans never want to see. But, it sure appears to be the road our leaders are going down.

And by the way, are you wondering who constructed that road I referred to above? Do you wonder what the final destination is? You may not have noticed, but there are many things going on in the world right now, and though they may seem unrelated, they aren't. What I've noticed was that all of these things are leading to the same ultimate destiny for mankind. All the roads are leading us to that same final destination, and they must all be downhill because it seems things are increasing in velocity as we get closer.

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