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Setting the Stage - Part 3 - Your ID, Please


Okay, so what I wrote about four years ago hasn't happened... YET. And you never know, it could still be a decade away. Or maybe not...

As my good friend Phil Elmore would probably say, "technology is a tool that can be used for good or evil." Deciding which way the technology of tracking people will go can go either way. It can be used for the good to keep the pedophiles away from our children, or to find children that fell prey to those perverts that may do them harm. On the other hand, think of the way the government could control us, our speech, and limit our pursuit of happiness in freedom! Tracking chips could be used as a weapon against those of us that want to promote liberty and stop tyranny from ever taking hold in this great country! Just sayin'...

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Setting the Stage - Part 3

Your ID, Please

By John Kubicek

Originally posted Sun Jun 11, 2006 8:56 am

It's okay, it is for your security. A microchip, with global positioning satellite compatibility. The most convenient place to embed that chip would be on your hand. Just a wave of your hand by any of the chip readers that will soon be all in place. Everyone will have one. That way, the terrorists' every move can be tracked. And nobody will be able to rob you of your identity. That would be virtually impossible. So they say...

In an article posted May 5, 2006 on, written by Ron Strom, we learn about the Real ID Act, passed last year and signed into law by the President. The article, "Is coming national ID 'mark of the beast'?", says that "Public Law 109-13 requires the national ID portion of the plan go into effect by May 2008."

The article mentions that "The Real ID Act requires states to participate in a federal data-sharing program when issuing driver's licenses, making those licenses de facto national ID cards." The states will have to include personal data on their driver's licenses that will be able to be shared by every other state, and be machine-readable at government agencies and banks. After May 11, 2008, the card will be required by the Transportation Security Administration in order to board a plane. In fact, you may have a lot of limitations imposed on you if you didn't have that "national" ID card.

And in the mean time, technology has been developed that would make it possible to have implantable chips that would have this data, and probably a lot more, embedded under your skin. Not only will there be the data, but there is also the ability to put Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) compatibility on these chips. In other words, every person that has this chip would be able to be located and/or tracked.

The GPS chips may not be mandatory for humans, at least by public law, yet... However, there is already a movement toward a mandatory program to be able to track agricultural livestock animals - cows, pigs, sheep, horses, chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks, and who knows what else the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) can come up with. Maybe even Grandma's parakeet! Anyway, a program to be administered by the USDA called NAIS, which stands for the National Animal Identification System, would do just that. Okay, we want food safety, so the USDA is working on this program in case there is an outbreak of the "Mad Cow" disease (BSE) or the Avian flu. The use of "food safety concerns", (or in other words, FEAR), has been the justification to get such a program in progress. Well, that, and the fact that countries we export livestock and food to will eventually require such a program to be implemented.

So, how long will it be until an implantable microchip with GPS capabilities will become mandatory for humans? Decades? Years? Well, think of what could be done with such a tracking system, and the well-meaning justifications that could be made. Let's start with the convicted felons. At the very least, the pedophiles and sex offenders that are now required to register. Just too many of them slip away from the system. They aren't where they say they are staying. And you know, the pedophiles mostly confess that they can never be "cured" of their sickness. So to protect kids from these monsters, let's give them all the trackable chips. We would know their every move. Come close to our kids, and alarms go off. What a wonderful idea.

But, speaking of kids, what if our kid gets kidnapped by one of those creeps? Wouldn't it be great if we gave the kids an embedded chip that could track their movement? We could locate them quickly if they go missing. We might even be able to track down and nab the sick-o registered sex offender that snatched the kid. So, why not?

Oh, and of course, there are all those illegal aliens out there. To give them that pleasure of amnesty that the U.S. Senate wants to give them, let's compromise. They can have the amnesty through the "guest worker program", in exchange for a national ID system that includes an implanted micro-chip - of course, with GPS tracking capability. You can bet that the chip-maker (VeriChip) would like that huge market (11 million people? 20 Million? 80 million? Who knows how many for sure, especially if a guest worker program is implemented!) for their chips.

And, just to get the rest of us into the program - might as well go all the way with this! - let's do away with cash. Do away with cash, and you do away with the drug dealers. They would have no way to receive their funds without every transaction being tracked. And of course, then we can also rid the world of the identity thieves, bank robbers, muggers... etc. (Caveat: No matter what, ID chip or not, criminals always manage to find a way of getting around laws and justice, even if it means buying off politicians or killing off prosecutors and judges.)

Even if a National ID placed on an embeddable microchip with the capability to be tracked by the GPS were to become reality in this new millennium, it won't really do that much to solve many of the problems we face. However, what I wrote above will all be part of the incremental steps to sell the idea to the masses. In all likelihood, it will start out as a voluntary program, we won't be "required" to get "chipped". However, as national security issues dictate, and the technology gets more and more refined by testing it with the "volunteers", you can pretty much count on it being a necessity of life; that is, if you want to buy, sell, eat, drive your car... Even if the government doesn't mandate it, you can bet that you won't be able to pay for your groceries at Walmart someday without the chip to "identify you".

I didn't come up with the information for this post off the top of my head. I consumed many articles and quite a few hours of listening to talk radio on Coast to Coast A.M.. I got well acquainted with such people as Ron Strom and Henry Lamb on, and Ervin Baxter, Jr. and Katherine Albrecht (

It is very important for you to do your own research, starting from the leads to resources I just offered to you. It isn't just some imaginary conspiracy theory about the implantable microchips. It is real. Go ahead, Google a search for "Digital Angel" and "RFID". And also, you need to read this article: "Chip-maker wants to implant immigrants" that I found on June 1, 2006 on

There are many events going on in this world that you need to know about. I only take credit for gathering information from what I feel are credible sources, which I will eventually list at the end of this topic. God did not feed this information to me directly. Instead, I believe that God led me to this information, which has come from a variety of sources. And having found this information, have I developed a conclusion? Not completely, no. But I do believe that I am getting closer to answers that will help satisfy my own curiosity. And more than that, even, is the fact that much of what I believe is happening is being verified, day by day.

An RFID chip with GPS tracking abilities is now a reality. A need for some type of tamper-proof ID system for national security purposes is a serious reality. It's just a matter of adding up all the FACTS and seeing what we come up with. Let's find out together what this will all lead to.

As much as I am excited about getting to the next part of this series, I can not guarantee that it will ever happen. I can not ever be sure that those that are "Setting the Stage" will permit me to continue this topic. I am not sure where "they" will draw the line to what is permissible to tell you. We'll just have to see.

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