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Setting the Stage - Part 4 - The Evil Axis


Written four years ago, I take great pride in knowing what I knew THEN! Does that make me prophetic? Absolutely not, but like Glenn Beck, I picked up on things that were happening, and was somehow able to see what was going to be in store for America in the future.

I may not have ever been aware of things that were going on had I not followed some sources, such as Joseph Farah's site, which I believe that I first learned of by listening to CoasttoCoastAM. I am hoping the same for all of those that are now reading my columns or watching my videos. I know that there are a few out there. I know where you live (just kidding, but letting you know that the government DOES - and Wal-Mart WILL - know how to track you down). I can just tell you, that you're going to be hooked, and become a news junkie, when you learn enough that you start wondering when the next shoe will fall. Just sayin'....

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Setting the Stage - Part 4

The Evil Axis

By John Kubicek

Originally posted Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:31 am
As much as I am excited about getting to the next part of this series, I can not guarantee that it will ever happen. I can not ever be sure that those that are "Setting the Stage" will permit me to continue this topic. I am not sure where "they" will draw the line to what is permissable to tell you. We'll just have to see. [John Kubicek, "Setting the Stage - Part 3"]
Just a couple weeks ago, I believe around July 16, I had written a post for this topic of the same title, "The Evil Axis". And what happened to that post? I didn't back up this forum like I should have after writing that post, that's what. And when my website went down not too long ago, I was not able to recover that post. I was not as vigilant as I should have been, and I lost a battle that should not have been lost. Though that original post is no longer with us, the good news is that I didn't "mysteriously disappear"! (But I still believe there are people out there that could make that happen if they wanted to...)

So, here I am, trying to rewrite that post. This installment that I am writing today, though, will not be identical to the original version. Had the original post still been intact, I was planning on making some major revisions to it. There have been events in the Middle East and in North Korea that began about the same time I lost the original post, and those events clearly illustrate how The Evil Axis is influencing current events.

President George W. Bush told us about the Axis of Evil shortly after September 11, 2001, during his State of the Union speech to Congress in 2002. In that speech, President Bush singled out three countries: Iraq, Iran and North Korea. All three countries, paraphrased from the President's speech, either possessed or were building weapons of mass destruction. (That's WMD, for all of you who have been visiting other planets in the last several years).

But where is the connection for an "axis" of evil? How was the President able to connect Iraq with Iran when the two countries went through a long war against each other in the 1980's? Iran is being run by those in Islamic theocracy of the Shiite sect of Islam, while Iraq's former leader, Saddam Hussein, a Sunni Muslim, committed mass murder against Shiite Muslims? The two countries hated each other enough to kill over a million people in the process of their war. An "axis" would seem to imply some type of alliance among the countries. To confound me even more, I had not come across any information that showed any politcal agreements between Communist and atheistic North Korea and the two countries of Iran and Iraq in the predominate Islamic world of the Middle East.

However, that while the agenda and policies of the three countries in the "Axis of Evil" seem to differ, there actually is a commonality of agendas. This is an important point to remember. Going back in history to WW II, there was another "Axis". President Franklin Roosevelt's administration, or the press, used the term "Axis" in defining the enemies in the war we had against Japan, Germany and Italy. Both Japan and Germany were controlled by tyrannical, genocidal maniacs that wanted world domination, while Mussolini of Italy was a Fascist thug that was looking for political and financial power for himself and his corrupt cronies. Those three countries of the World War II "Axis" had one thing in common, which was the desire for the defeat of the United States of America in order to eliminate the one obstacle to the destruction of freedom and liberty.

So, does that help in understanding what the Axis of Evil as defined by the President in State of the Union address in 2002? (If not, obviously you were not coherent when reading the last paragraph; go back and read it again, and pay attention this time!) You will find that there is a clear parallel between the "Axis" of WW II and the "Axis of Evil" in the Global War on Terrorism (WW III?). The "Axis of Evil" - Iraqi insurgents, Iran, and North Korea - all possess the agenda of wanting to bring down the United States and the Western culture. Democracy and freedom doesn't work for tyrants. It isn't just a matter of resentment of our wonderful way of life in this country. The actual matter of fact is that the USA stands in the way, in one way or another, of those countries promoting their tyrannical influence in this world. So, don't forget that military axiom, "The enemy of my enemies is my friend". It will soon start to make more sense.

Now that I have established the fact that there is a connection among the three countries that President Bush labeled the "Axis of Evil", I can now explain what I feel is "The Evil Axis". Obviously, the original three countries President Bush mentioned as the "Axis of Evil": Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are the basic foundation of "The Evil Axis". Though the U.S. defeated Saddam to take him out of the picture, there are still terrorists in Iraq that are responsible for the deaths of over 2,500 of our troops stationed there, along with many thousands of Iraqi citizens. The enemies we are still fighting in Irag, the terrorists, want to discredit the United States, and make us look like the agressor, and the oppressor, in the eyes of the Iraqi citizens.

The Evil Axis

While President George W. Bush's definition of the "Axis of Evil" includes Iraq, Iran, and North Korea, my designation of "The Evil Axis" allies expands on the original "Axis of Evil" countries of Iraq, Iran, and North Korea:
Syria - Replacing Iraq, we now have Syria, who is a very strong ally of Iran. Syria tends to get their marching orders from Tehran. Syria is very much involved in the current conflict in Southern Lebanon between Isreal and Hezbollah. The rockets and missles used by Hezbollah on Isreal were made by Iran and supplied by Syria. And then there is the fact that just before the U.S. invaded Iraq in 2003, Saddam had most of his WMD moved to Syria.

Terrorist groups - al Qaida, Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades (The military wing of the Palestinian Authority, who is trained and supplied by Hezbollah), Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Egyptian Islamic Jihad, and all the other terror groups dedicated to Islamic Jihad around the world. In an article by Paul L. Williams and David Dastych posted on on April 28, 2006, they wrote:
The relationship between Iran and bin Laden dates back to June 21, 1996, when bin Laden attended a terror summit in Tehran. The gathering attracted terror leaders from various places throughout the world, including Ramadan Shallah (the Palestinian Islamic Jihad), Ahmad Salah (Egyptian Islamic Jihad), Imad al-Alami and Mustafa al-Liddawi (Hamas), Ahmad Jibril (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), Abdallah Ocalan (the Kurdish People Party), Muhammad Ali Ahmad (al Qaida), and Imad Mugniyah (Hezbollah). The summit resulted in the creation of the "Committee of Three" that would meet on a regular basis for the "coordination, planning and execution of attacks" against the United States and Israel [emphasis my own]. The committee members were Ahmad Salah, Imad Mugniyah and bin Laden.
That seems to leave little doubt that terrorist groups are part of The Evil Axis. While Saddam Hussein was paying the parents of Palestinian suicide (homicide) bombers the sum of $25,000 for their bombings against innocent Isreali civilians, Iran was funding Hezbollah to the tune of about $250 Million per year.

China and Russia - Iran and North Korea are very grateful to their top supporters, Russia and China, two of the permanent members of the U.N. Security Council. These two countries will always vote against any type of resolutions that have any meat to them to prevent the building of nukes in Iran, or the crazy things that North Korea does, like "testing" missiles on July 4, 2006. There is nothing that will ever come out of the U.N. Security Council, because of China and Russia's votes, that won't make Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il laugh and continue to ignore the U.N. resolutions. Russia has strong ties to Iran with weapons sales and assistance with Iran's nuclear program. Russia is a major weapons supplier to Hezbollah, which includes the Katyusha rockets. China has deals with Iran for hundreds of billions of dollars for Iranian oil. And don't forget about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, a regional anti-American economic and military pact. China and Russia are members of this organization, and Iran (President Ahmadinejad) is moving toward being a member and attended a recent meeting in June 2006.

Venezuela, Cuba, Somalia, et. al. - President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela would have cut off the oil to America long ago - in support of the Palestinian struggle against Isreal - but the U.S. is too big of a customer and Chavez would lose billions of dollars. That could make it a little difficult for him to give the billions of dollars in financial support to the Castro regime in Cuba every year. Despite his hesitancy to directly confront America, make no mistake, Hugo Chavez would back any country that takes on the United States, including Iran. If the United States had any confrontation with Iran, like to take out their nuclear weapons program, I have no doubt that Venezuelan oil would quit flowing our way. The rest of the countries included in the segment of The Evil Axis are those countries with radical Islamic or Communist regimes, most of which hate America. Though many of those countries are way too poor and technologically backward to be able to supply weapons to the Axis, they have plenty of resources in the way of indoctrinated people willing to die for the evil cause.

MS-13 and other major crime syndicates - I can not leave criminal organizations off of the list of The Evil Axis, as they can be easily linked to being part of an attempt to destroy the United States. MS-13, a Salvadoran street gang, is a major outsourcing service to our enemies, from human trafficking to being major drug transporters and suppliers. So, who knows, maybe many of the politicians in America seem to be so cowardly because they had either been threatend by MS-13 or other crime organizations, or they just fear that they will appear on a "hit list". Even more frightening, is the possibility that MS-13 may have helped to smuggle terrorists and/or WMD (suitcase nukes?) into the United States through the unsecure Southern border with Mexico.

Leftist Liberals In America - Friends of our enemies are probably going to be our enemies, at least on this list of "The Evil Axis". I am almost 100% sure that many of these people would have been hung as traitors 230 years ago. I believe these are people that would sell out America because they hate our way of life. For some absolutely insane reasoning, they feel that living in the tyranny of Islamic or Communist rule would be better than what we have now. Whether it is calling for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq, being buddies with Hugo Chavez, or making "documentary" movies saying that President Bush is responsible for 9/11, these are people that are intentionally hurting America, for what ever EVIL agenda they have. With Saddam Hussein out of the picture, we still have Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Kim Jong-Il at the reigns of volatile tyrannies that are either developing, or in the process of building, weapons of mass destruction. There is the possibility that none of the WMD that has been or will be built will ever be used by Iran or North Korea. Instead, there is another danger lurking. The WMD that is being produced by the remaining members of the Axis of Evil, and the Iraqi stock of WMD that went to Syria, could be - or already has been - sold off to terrorist organizations. That is the recipe for the worst nightmare facing the Western world.
The Evil Axis is made up with allies that were former enemies of each other. (In fact, I really wonder if the "civil war" between Sunni and Shiite insurgents in Iraq aren't just staging the conflict in order to mount disagreement in American and world politics.) Is there a possiblity that formerly conflicting extremist groups are actually working together? Upon the current conflict between Isreal and Hezbollah and Hamas, there seems to be little doubt that this war is a coordinated effort among the members of The Evil Axis. And though the conflict is currently confined to the Isreali fronts - Gaza, Lebanon and the West Bank - there seems to be a grave danger to America waiting in the evil shadows.

It seems to be a good time to pray for the United States of America. And I'm getting too old to have to learn to speak Arabic, Farsi, Spanish, or Chinese. What I've been able to write so far (thankfully, in English... for now), has been a primer for what is to come. I have been providing you with pieces of the puzzle that will allow you to put things together. There are things going on in this crazy world that make us want to wonder if many of us will still be around a lot longer. No, I don't mean to sound pessimistic about our future. In fact, having a negative outlook is completely opposite of my actual feelings about what is going on. I truly believe that current events point to wonderful things to come!

What I want to write about from this point forward, is that we are seeing things happen that is "Setting the Stage" for some awesome events of Biblical proportion! Yes, I just gave away where this is all heading. So, stay tuned!

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