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Setting the Stage - The Prologue

Editor's note:

I began writing the series, "Setting the Stage," on April 30, 2006. Since that time, the series has received over 8,000 views. I have decided that with the things that are going on in the world right now, it was time to update it and bring it to this venue. You will understand why I am doing this once you start reading it.

As I repost the series here, I am not going to change the text of what I had written (unless it is a spelling or grammatical error I may have missed in the original version). However, I will be enhancing it with multimedia - video or pictures, something I could not do in the original venue - where appropriate. I will be including the dates of the original posts just so that you are aware that anything I wrote a few years ago may not apply any more... or, maybe prophetically, some of it will be almost to the point of being profoundly surreal.

This series will take some reading on your part. But, I know about the readers of my blogs: You are smart people, and you love to read. It is still the best way to gain information. And please remember that the title to this series is "Setting the Stage." The things you will read about are the events that have lead to where we are today. I will also begin each post with an Editor's Note such as this one.  With that, let us begin.

UPDATE (4/02/11) ~ Here is a Table of Contents for all Setting the Stage chapters posted here so far:
The Prologue (You are here)
Part 1: Illegal Immigration: Can We Do the Right Thing?
Part 2: The UN-Solution
Part 3: Your ID, Please
Part 4: The Evil Axis
Part 5: God's Chosen People
Part 6: Could the Eagle Crash and Burn?



By John Kubicek

Originally posted Sun Apr 30, 2006 4:48 am

There was once a time that news could only travel at the speed of man's ability to journey across the countryside, continents and oceans. Now, news can literally travel at the speed of light around the world in split seconds. Obviously, the speed at which news can travel has changed our lives. It offers us a great ability to be informed of things going on around us, anywhere in the world where things are happening.

But even more profound has been the amount of information that we are now able to access. Of course, the internet has a lot to do with the quantum leap that mankind has made in the ability to gather and disseminate the news.

I am not all that old, but I do remember very well how most of the news came from a very limited number of sources. There were the big three television networks - ABC, NBC, and CBS - and their nightly news shows. And the local newspapers provided us with the national and world news they received over the wires. One problem at that time was the content they provided to us was limited by a 30 minute time slot, or the size of newspapers and news magazines.

The other major problem with the limited sources of news offered to us was much more insidious. As a matter of fact, that problem with the majority of the mainstream press still exists. However, we now have alternatives. We no longer are limited to the indoctrinating mainstream media. We no longer have to suffer from the mind-numbing, sensationalized, left-leaning, liberal thinking content that the mainstream news organizations offer.

One of the first pursuers of truth, fighters for honesty and moral objectivity, was conservative talk radio. And yes of course, the hero of the airwaves, Rush Limbaugh. And along came another alternative, though at times tending to be a little more to the left: Art Bell, with his late-night Coast to Coast A.M. radio show that thrives on providing a whole new meaning to alternative news and stories you will NEVER hear or read or see in the mainstream press.

At about the same time, the cable TV news industry began to flourish during the 1980's and 1990's. Ted Turner's CNN and Headline News was a major turnaround, which offered 24 hours of news on TV. But it was FoxNews, a new creation that brought us "fair and balanced" news 24 hours a day. Rupert Murdoch's FoxNews network was the silver bullet into the heart of the mainstream TV news. At least it has been from my perspective. My loyalty to Tom Brokaw ended long before his eventual retirement. My dependency on NightLine with Ted Koeppel was finally overcome long before he said his last good night. Even Bill Gates, teaming up with NBC, got into the fray to bring us MSNBC on 24 hour cable. However, I just can't come up with much clever to say about MSNBC. That network was just a little too much like the mainstream media, and I was never one of their fans.

And now, we have the internet. The number of alternatives to the mainstream news is virtually infinite, especially when you count the countless news blogs, uh, like this one will be. While the internet's strong points are bringing us news and information very rapidly and providing us with many alternatives, it's weaknesses are, well, bringing us news and information very rapidly and providing us with many alternatives. Sometimes the truth can tend to be not quite as reliable, because all these news organizations are racing to get their stories on the net first. This can, and does, lead to less validation of sources. And let's face it, when you throw in all the bloggers, truth can become distorted at times. But it does give us the alternatives, and more freedom to choose who we want to listen to and believe.

Now, there is one special news source that I want to mention. And, I in fact want to acknowledge that this person, and his online news media that he founded, is greatly responsible for my inspiration to begin "Our Time to Escape - the johnny2k Blog". That would be Joseph Farah, and his website. (And when I can eventually afford it, his "G2 Bulletin".) Not only does he and his organization bring us powerful, trustworthy news stories, it is presented from a Christian perspective. Joseph Farah, for many reasons, is one of my heroes.

This is all I have time to write for now, but I believe I have made my point. You will soon be reading my future posts that will further explain my motivation and inspiration for writing this particular blog topic, "Setting the Stage". This post is the background setting for a stage that has actually been under construction for thousands of years. There is a spiritual conflict that has been going on, the ultimate battle between good and evil, and the final act may be upon us much sooner than many people think, or want to believe.

(If that last sentence disturbed you, I don't really apologize. But so that I don't leave you hanging, let me take this opportunity to quickly lead you to some very insightful information before I close. If you haven't already, you should start reading my forum topic, Our Forty Days of Purpose! You will find out about God's Perfect Plan for us when it is "our time to escape"!)

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