Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Joe the Plumber Explains Socialism to America

By John Kubicek

Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, now known as "Joe the Plumber," found himself in the national spotlight recently:

AssociatedPress - 'Joe the Plumber' Becomes Focus of Debate

In the above AP video, we get to listen to an edited version of Barack Obama saying, "Blah, blah, blah, uh.... blah, blah, blah, uh blah... ," and all the while, "Joe the Plumber" is patiently trying to get in a question. You get to wait until the very end of the video before you hear part of the words that Obama blurted out that delivered Joe the Plumber into the media spotlight: "Spread the wealth around...."

As soon as the story came out, where the world saw verification that Obama is a Socialist that wants to redistribute the wealth, the left-wing tools of the mainstream media moved in to try to discredit "Joe the Plumber." Well, that didn't work out too well, as Joe is able to repel the attacks. His weapon? Knowledge. He is intelligent enough to know what Socialism is.

And better yet, Joe understands why Socialism is wrong. In this next segment, Neil Cavutto of Fox News has Joe on the phone:

DhimmiTube666 - Joe the Plumber Calls Obama a Socialist for his "Spread the Wealth" Comment on Fox News

Our hats off to Joe the Plumber. He gets it. This is driving the liberals and the left-wing media nuts. He's just like Sarah Palin. One of "us". The elitists, which also includes some from the liberal Republican wing, would really like these people, Joe and Sarah, to just shut up. But, that's not going to happen! Why, afterall, Joe the Plumber got on Hannity & Colmes on Monday night:

TheRealjohnny2k - Joe the Plumber Explains Socialism to America

Joe the Plumber showed us a few things about this election. First, if you speak up, watch out, because the left-wing media tools will come out after you. That's kind of scary! Second, this plumber just happens to be aware of what is going on in this election... despite the fact that he's taking the time to throw the football around with his son. He's like us. He takes care of his family, and he still finds the time to seek the knowledge to know what is going on in this election.

Neither Gov. Sarah Palin nor Samuel "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher are elitists educated in some Ivy League school. No, they didn't attend "Hawvawd". They are like most of us. The distance between them and the elitists that want to run this country is vast.

Now, this is for those that haven't yet seen the light: Look at the contempt that the "elite" has for the middle class, which can easily be illustrated by the contempt the liberal left, or even the elite in the GOP, has for Gov. Sarah Palin or "Joe the Plumber". That contempt extends to us, those of us "bitter Americans" that "cling to our guns and religion".

It may not end up winning the election, but that gal from Wasilla and the dude from Ohio are taking on the "establishment". They became the symbols for Middle America. They are letting us know that we face Socialism should we lose this battle. We have a Governor, and we have a plumber, both able and willing to tell it like it is.

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