Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The ACORN Connection (that few know about)

By John Kubicek

To my friends within the "blogosphere", the mention of ACORN has been widespread for quite some time now. And to those of us "news junkies" that watch such networks as the Fox News Channel, we've been hearing about ACORN, literally on a daily basis, and much of the news is alarming. First, it was ACORN's influence on the economic crisis where mortgage loans had gone into affirmative action mode. And now, the emphasis has been on the ACORN effort to register new voters in ways that may taint the integrity of the election of our next President this year. I'll be offering evidence of that effort later in this column, but first, allow me to explain what ACORN is.

Everybody has heard of ACORN, right? Wrong! In my own independent poll, when asking my friends and family if they know about it, the answer has usually been a blank stare or silence on a phone call. Will you forgive me if I say what the normal reaction is? Many of the people I have asked have no clue what ACORN is!

I need to digress for a moment. In recent days, the McCain/Palin campaign has been mentioning the connection that Barack Hussein Obama has (oh, sorry, I mean that he "had") with the "domestic terrorists" - William "Bill" Ayers and his wife, Bernardine Dohrn. (And if you don't know about that part of this story, you've been living in a cave!) What many people don't know at this time, as is apparent from my personal interviews, is that the Bill Ayers connection is just the tip of the iceberg.

Now we know why the McCain/Palin campaign hasn't been talking about the ACORN connection with Barack Obama. Not enough people watch Fox News, or listen to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or many other radio talk show hosts, and they don't read the blogs. Simply said, the SHEEPLE are clueless.

So, what is ACORN? Allow me to have Hal Lindsey explain it as he did so well in a recent column:

The most underreported story of this election season is the Association of Community Organizers For Reform Now, known by its acronym, ACORN.

ACORN grew out of what wins the prize hands-down for one of the silliest and most destructive advocacy groups America has ever known – the National Welfare Rights Organization.

Founded by George Wiley, the NWRO became an army of single minority mothers whom he sent out to disrupt welfare offices through sit-ins and demonstrations demanding an end to oppressive eligibility restrictions. His aim was to so flood welfare offices as to cause the system to burst, creating a crisis he hoped would correct America's "unjust capitalist society." From 1965 to 1974, the nation's welfare rolls more than doubled to 10.3 million during generally good economic times. Clearly, it was a winning tactic.

One of ACORN's later tactics was to flood banks and mortgage companies the same way, insisting that they do away with those pesky mortgage eligibility requirements. ACORN was among those most responsible for the failure of the mortgage market and, astonishingly, until some sharp-eyed lawmaker noticed and stripped them out, ACORN was among those named as bailout recipients.

So, what does ACORN have to do with Barack Obama? I'll have Henry Lamb, from a column he wrote, "The 'change' Obama brings," jump in here to explain:

The centerpiece of Barack Obama's campaign is "change." His primary qualification for the office he seeks is his experience as a "community organizer," a state senator for eight years, and a U.S. senator since 2004. To see just what changes Obama wants to bring to the country it is reasonable to look at the values he has demonstrated and the causes he has pursued during his professional career.

Obama's community organizing experience began in 1985 in Chicago. He chose to work for ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now). A review of ACORN's Peoples Platform reveals much about Obama's ideology. The ACORN platform is remarkably similar to the Socialist Party USA platform. Obama's work as a community organizer has won him endorsements from ACORN, from socialists and from communists.

Henry Lamb, weekly columnist for, continues in the column mentioned above:

Obama's Chicago community organizing efforts took him from the housing projects to the churches. He obviously liked the Rev. Jeremiah Wright's brand of "Liberation Theology," which casts minorities as victims that must be liberated. This ideology squared perfectly with ACORN's vision of the poor. For more than 20 years, Obama worshiped at the feet of the preacher whose most famous sermons called on God to "damn" America.

Obama's path to government also led him through various foundations, such as the Woods Fund, where he served along with Bill Ayers. Together, they were able to funnel significant funding to ACORN, to Jeremiah Wright's church and other similar groups. Between 1992 and 1995, ACORN received $1,493,000 from the Campaign for Human Development, a Catholic charities organization, according to a report for Catholic bishops prepared by the Wanderer Forum Foundation.

For further information, I recommend that you check out the video on that Henry Lamb refers to, which was longer than I wanted to use for this piece: Obama, Acorn, And Election Fraud (9:26)

In the last five days, I added four videos to my youtube channel that discuss allegations of voter fraud, and guess who is at the center of the storm: ACORN. Now, here is the latest one that I added, where John Kasich, former Congressman from Ohio, joins Bill O'Reilly (Oct. 13, 2008):

Obama's ACORN connection is a vastly under-reported story in the mainstream media. Even though some news sources have now begun discussing the voter fraud allegations concerning ACORN, you will find any mention of Barack Obama's connection to ACORN to be very scarce. This may be the reason why the McCain/Palin campaign isn't talking about it at the rallies. Sure, they mention Bill Ayers and the fact that Ayers was a domestic terrorist, and is still unrepentant. However, to try to explain all of the evidence of Obama's association with ACORN has been off the table, and there are some obvious reasons for that, one being that very few people even know what ACORN is (until now).

Now, in the McCain campaign, Obama's ACORN connection has slipped completely under the radar, and there are some reasons that are not clearly self explanatory. So, let me just wrap this up with what columnist James Simpson says in the American Thinker on September 28, 2008:
Yet, no one to my knowledge has yet connected all the dots between Barack Obama and the Radical Left. When seen together, the influences on Obama's life comprise a who's who of the radical leftist movement, and it becomes painfully apparent that not only is Obama a willing participant in that movement, he has spent most of his adult life deeply immersed in it.

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