Monday, October 20, 2008

Really, We Weren't Supposed to Know

By John Kubicek

Well... We never know when our last moments on this earth will be. And what if you had something on your heart that you wanted to tell people, but your time came before you had the opportunity, or before you took advantage of having an opportunity?

And what if you knew that if you stuck your neck out, it could end up being very unpopular with those that have power? I am afraid to say, but that could the situation I am in today. Whether it happens 15 minutes after I have posted this to the world venue of the internet, or possibly soon after the inauguration of the next President on January 20. 2009, I have to accept the possibility that those black Suburbans will roll up my driveway, to take me away to who knows where or what.

So, here it goes...


Former Secretary of State Colin Powell endorsed Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., for president on Sunday, criticizing his own Republican Party for what he called its narrow focus on irrelevant personal attacks over a serious approach to challenges he called unprecedented.
First of all, the "attacks" are neither irrelevant or unwarranted. The truth is, the information about Barack Hussein Obama is not an attack, but just the facts. However, the problem is, the McCain campaign can not get out all of the facts in a campaign speech, a debate, or in a TV news interview. If they were going to get out ALL of the facts in one sitting, they'd end up sounding like an Alan Keyes speech, and they would lose the majority of the American voters for just the reason that many people would be unable to assemble all of the information, especially in one burst. Anything beyond a half an hour is far beyond the attention span of the "average" American.

To be honest with you, most of the Obama "attacks" are not actually coming from the McCain campaign. Well, not directly. Do you remember those rallies where John McCain tried to stress that we needed to "respect" his opponent? Do ya remember that? Well, if Colin Powell is criticizing the McCain campaign for "personal attacks," what would he say about something like this that I found on today?

Oh, you think that is not all that bad? Well, here is one that will definitely show you just how far the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" will go:

Okay, just wait a minute, before you start blasting me with hate-mail, please allow me to explain the rationale of this particular composition. On the one hand, we have the people that express their views that Obama is pure evil, and many people in the "middle" tend to think it is way over the top. But on the other hand, we have the McCain campaign seeming to not want to "offend" or "disrespect" Obama, almost to the degree that Republicans were going nuts because they felt he wasn't saying what is necessary.

But, isn't that really the whole problem? I spent the last few days thinking about it. In fact, I wanted to blog about some of my other ideas about how to not just focus on the Obama negatives, but also show what a great team McCain/Palin could be. And I had some great things to say about how "Joe the Plumber" needed to be our inspiration! Really, it was all good stuff. Well, my good intentions were totally snuffed by various technical difficulties. That happens.

Hey, maybe I did get one good video that sheds a very positive light on the alternative to the ObamaNation! This is great stuff:

Yes, that's the Sarah we love. It's not all about Obama, but what we should be expecting from our representatives and the CEO of the USA.

That's right, I have "suckered" you into watching the above video. It is because I really DO know that it's guys like "Joe the Plumber", you, me... and Sarah Palin, the one from the unknown country... from out of nowhere... You know where that could go, right? Of course you do.

And here I go, into the part of this discourse that may just bury me. It seems that I've been seeing a scenario where people get to choose between leaders, and it is actually a spiritual war. You will soon need to make the choice of which side you are going to back. The role you will play in these times will come down to who you vote for. You better be very prepared to accept the ultimate consequences of your decision.


Anonymous said...

I see no problem with pointing out Obama's relationships with the people HE chose as friends. It only serves to show what a liar he is! As for being the Antichrist, people are free to believe what they want. Time will tell. But, there may be no one left to say; "I told you so."

Anonymous said...

Why don't you address the issue of, Barack and Michelle helping to draft the resolution Trinity Church filed in connection with the "Reparations for Millions" lawsuit. That should tell everyone what they believe in.

Anonymous said...

There are some Obama supporters leaving comments on YouTube, to the effect of; "He will surround himself with good people." This is supposed to alleviate our concerns that he has no experience. Now, go back to the first video and look at the short list of people he has surrounded himself with so far. These are only a few of his friends we know about!

Anonymous said...

Well you are as big a knucklehead as McCain was. Look where it got him playing nice nice. Obama should have been slammed with the full force of all the media for his "Friends" and his obvious LIES! It was clear they had their own agenda. Fox was just as guilty. They hammered Hillary relentlessly, thinking they could take Obama down later. Screwed her, themselves, and all of us!