Thursday, October 30, 2008

Obama's Worst Nightmare! Know what it is?

By John Kubicek

There is a good chance that Barack Obama has nightmares, night after night. As the election gets close, he's got to be having those kind of nights where he just wants to wake up. And in the meantime, Americans ARE waking up, which is why Barack is having those nightmares.

There are a couple great Americans that have recently woken up to smell the coffee. There's one in particular that must have gone around shaking the rest of us awake, and wiping the sandman's residue from our eyes. The voice of "Joe the Plumber" suddenly came out loud and clear. People heard the call. And despite the fact that the Obama campaign tried to clamp down on the press, their efforts didn't quite muffle the voice of Samuel J. "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher, somebody else caught on.

That's right. There was somebody else that was new on "the scene," somebody that had to wait patiently in the wings. Suddenly, that person, a Governor, a woman, began speaking up. And what this "obscure" Veep candidate did was to fire up the real base of the party to defeat the Obamanation:

And suddenly, the inspiration to keep on keeping on seemed to spread. Yes, a hug really helps now and then!

Well, inspiration seems to be contagious! Have you seen anything like this in the McCain campaign?

Okay, so I am sufficiently fired up. Yes, first there was Governor Sarah Palin and Todd Palin and the family; then, on the scene comes "Joe the Plumber". Until the "Joe the Plumber question, the Obama 'Spread the wealth' answer", the GOP was trying to hold Sarah back. Suddenly, though, the fuse was lit. One guy, an obscure American that was just trying to mind his own life, got things started. Next thing he knows, he's in the spotlight, and then he's being investigated.

Have you wondered why?

There is somebody that is very afraid that he could still lose the election. That person is doing all he can to silence this story, but it is of no avail. He feels the "heat". Though the pundits would say it was too late, there are those of us that are just plain fired up. You betcha!

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