Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Way Which the Pendulum Is Swinging

By John Kubicek

There seems to be no doubt anymore which way the Pendulum of Politics is swinging in these days before the Election of 2008.

Barack seems to be doing his best to be a centrist. McCain picked the most conservative running mate he could have chosen. It all seems to be now swinging more to the Right. And there is a reason why.

Upon John McCain's brilliant decision to pick Sarah Palin as his running mate, the Obama camp, mostly those far on the left, have done all they could to trash her. And, it has only worked to the detriment of Obama's campaign. As much as I can say I love the McCain pick, it has done more than anything to bring out the kind of vitriol we would expect from the far left in politics.

For example, there was the tragic exposure of a website that sickened and saddened me today, beyond belief. A new friend of mine, oldguy53 rattled my cage last night with a real pit bull of a story. And no, there was no lipstick involved. It was called, in oldguy53's digg, How Low Will Liberals Go?

You see, when I learned about this, I was saddened that anyone could ever come up with that type of vitriol. You see, my friend oldguy53 told us about blog he found that shows how LOW anyone could go, making a mockery of anybody that has some disability. And, I can tell you, there are plenty of people that are, or will be, greatly offended.

Yet, some people that say they care, don't yet seem to understand that it is their candidate that is going to be ultimately hurt by those types of attacks. You see, there are many people that would be our ultimate liberal adversaries, yet, even many of them will be offended. So, while there are those liberal jerks attacking Sarah Palin and using her family as their favorite dart board, they are the ones that will end up hurting Obama's chance for being elected as President of the United States.

Think about it. Obama seems to want to distance himself from the far leftist attacks on the Right and Sarah Palin, while John McCain surprises Conservatives with his pick of Palin for VP. I think the American people, to my amazement, are showing that they aren't so far to the left as some Democrats thought they were. I think we are discovering that it isn't so much Obama's Socialist views that people reject (sadly), but just the far left that is backing him that have gone too far. It's the extreme leftists that support Obama that is scaring off the average people clinging to their religion and guns.

Why I'd vote for John McCain has now come down to his brilliance in picking Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate. The attacks on her show who the real left is. The Obama camp is running so scared, only because they are seeing that there really is still a Conservative base out here that will go all out to support the candidates under the (R) column. The problem is, the Obama camp, HIS supporters, are now showing who they are, and I beleive we should have no choice but to associate Barry with HIS supporters. While we know the kind of people Barry has hung out with, like Jeremiah Wright, Tony Rezko, Bill Ayers.... now we also know who Barry's biggest supporters are: People that take pleasure in making fun of disabled children? That kind of cruelty won't stand with most of us in Middle America.

And now we know something that should make a difference. Not just that Barry Obama is for any type of abortion, but also that his supporters, in many cases, would favor aborting any child that just may be disabled. That was the exact purpose of Planned Parenthood from the very beginning, just in case you didn't know.

When you go to vote this November, do us a favor. Think about the darkness of the people that are behind Barack. It isn't so much the fact that he can barely lead a community organizer effort... as if that should make a difference... but who it is that is really backing the Obamassiah.

The pendulum seems to be swinging in the Right way.

Very Important Update
There was a story that I read by Mark P. Shea on, called "How the Enemies of the Normal Are Destroying Obama". It was part of the inspiration of the story.

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