Thursday, September 11, 2008

Bye Bye Joey

By T. L. Farlow

~ Guest Columnist ~

What is happening to Joe Biden? Is Joey readying himself for an ejection from the race?

His comments about Hillary’s qualifications to be vice-president or even president have me wondering what is going on.

With Obama journeying to Bill Clinton’s Harlem office, to “kiss the ring”, is the stage being set for Joe’s exit and Hillary’s return?

It is evident that neither Hussein nor Joey can close the sale to the American public. This Palin phenomenon has taken the Democrats by surprise and they are reeling from the affects of this choice that McAmnesty-Cain has made.

I am pleased to see that the Palin-surge is working. I am still having some difficulty in pulling the lever for Johnny McCain, and I even wish that the roles were reversed, where it was vice-presidential candidate McCain and presidential candidate Palin. That I could go for, in a heartbeat.

As we listen to Sarah talk about conservative ideals, which I dearly love to hear, we are hearing far too little from John McAmnesty. He is letting Sarah do all the talking, getting the voters all excited. What will actually happen if John does get elected? Will it be Sarah’s ideas that come to the forefront, or will John’s old liberal self re-emerge and his policies to take center stage, with amnesty legislation for tens of millions of illegal aliens?

Well, enough of the McCain problem, I need to get back onto Joey Biden’s problem. It appears that he is being set up for the fall here. Hussein Obama cannot take the blame for his own failures. Therefore, Joe will have to fall on the sword to make way for Hillary’s triumphant return.

I sincerely hope that I am wrong here, but the hard evidence is too hard to ignore.

All I can say is bye, bye Joey. Hello Hillary!

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John Kubicek said...

I am getting the feeling that Farlow has hit it out of the park. Joey's gaffes have been ever increasing. If Biden does step down, and Hillary comes up to the plate as the Replacement Veep, you really might want to wonder if this was planned all along by the Obamaniacs.

And just how much fun it will be to shorten Obama-Hillary to "O-hell"??