Monday, September 08, 2008

Just in case you missed it

By John Kubicek

If you were watching the Republican National Convention last week, there may have been a couple things that you missed. Of course, I'm sure that you would be able to make your choice on who to vote for without seeing either of these videos...

Well, I would hope so.

But, just in case you happened to have missed these, or want to see them again, I felt I should provide these to you for your absolute enjoyment! And for even further pleasure, be sure to show these to your friends and family, especially the liberal ones! Both of these videos are great and help show Sarah Palin's personal side.

The first video is the RNC Video Montage of Sarah Palin. This Montage was supposed to have been shown just before Sarah's speech, however, Rudy Guiliani's speech went longer than expected, so they skipped showing the video. Instead, the RNC provided the video montage to the media outlets so it could be shown later:

The second video shows Piper Palin, Sarah's youngest daughter, as she spit shines Trigs hair during her mom's tremendous speech. I guess that not all of the networks caught this scene as they panned the audience during the speech, which is why you may not have seen this video:

I would like to thank wrightroadradio on for providing these videos. Due to an equipment problem, I was not able to record or post any videos from the convention to my channel, TheRealjohnny2k. Therefor, wrightroadradio deserves my generous accolades (my plug) in showing appreciation for the above two videos

Not only were those two videos found at wrightroadradio's channel, they have also included all of the great speeches from the Republican National Convention 2008. You may want to start at the beginning by going to wrightroadradio's Videos. (As of this writing, the RNC videos start on page 2. Since they could eventually move on to later pages as more videos are added, just go to their highest page number in their Videos section to start at the beginning.)

I found this is the place to go to see any speeches that you missed, want to see again, or that you need to show to your family and friends! Especially the liberal ones! Start watching!

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