Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Road to Victory Rally Comes to Cedar Rapids

By John Kubicek

I was hanging out with my brother and our Mom and Dad tonight, and they just happened to mention that John McCain and Sarah Palin were going to be in Cedar Rapids on Thursday morning! I may not have known in time since I don't get the local newspaper (bird cage liner), except I did also find an email from the McCain-Palin's Iowa Team when I got home tonight.

I quickly got online at the John McCain site tonight and have my ticket reserved.

You can get the information about this event here.

Hey, you think I should take my digital camera? Duh! It takes video, too! Maybe by Thursday afternoon, there will be some new pics and/or video for you all to check out here!

See, there really IS a big advantage to living in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We're always getting great campaign stops here. In October 2004, I was actually asked to be a greeter when George W. Bush and First Lady Laura arrived in Cedar Rapids for a rally. Yes! I met them as them got off of Air Force One, and rode in the motorcade down to the Five Seasons Center. Regardless of what anyone thinks of President Bush, it was a great honor that I will never forget. Not that many people ever get that type of opportunity to meet a sitting President and his wife, face to face.

So, I'm looking forward to the McCain-Palin Victory Rally this coming Thursday morning. Both my sister and brother will be there, too. We'll have fun being together for this time. Oh, and I wonder if they were just jealous that I got to meet President Bush.... and they are looking for their 2 seconds of fame to shake John or Sarah's hand? Hey, I'm just saying.... Maybe I should pull in some favors and give them that opportunity. You think?

Hey, look, on a serious note, I need to say something. Many of my very good friends are not in favor of McCain, even with the addition of Sarah Palin to the team. There are the things like McCain crossing the aisle just a few too many times. That's an issue for many of us, including me! It was why I opposed John McCain as being the Republican nominee for President. I mean, heck, just the thought that he wanted amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants? But there are two points that I consider to be the deal maker right now, FOR John McCain.

  1. This country can not survive if Barack Hussein Obama becomes President. Enough said.
  2. I highly doubt John McCain will serve more than one term. I'd love to see Sarah Palin in the position to run for President in 2012. While John McCain may not be the ideal President, Sarah could be in four years. And I highly doubt that McCain would want to do anything that would ruin her chances, not if he really wants the Republican Party to keep the White House four years from now.
That's my hope at this time. And I certainly believe that there is no chance for a 3rd party to win an election.... not in my life time. We have a choice to make. Voting for a 3rd party candidate, or writing in somebody for President will most likely give us an Obamanation. We can NOT allow that to happen. Not if you don't want America to become Socialist, which it's already heading for.

And finally, I have to say that if we do allow Obama to win, we may NEVER get another chance to make the right decision. It is no doubt a very difficult decision for us to make. If a McCain administration ends up being a failure, I'll just give you my address, and you can come over and slap me on the side of the head. But Obama scares me enough that I'm willing to take the risk.

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