Sunday, September 14, 2008

Palin-Mania Overtakes the Republican Party

By T. L. Farlow

~ Guest Columnist ~

Will the RNC finally learn their lesson? How many times does it take for the Republican Party to get it through their thick skulls that Conservatism is the only game in town that can win?

Let’s back up a bit and see just what we are talking about here.

All during the last eighteen months, we have endured a complete lack of leadership, an absolute dearth of Conservative spirit in this election race. We have had to listen to the likes of the ex-Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, an elite, liberal Republican who has shown he cannot govern with Conservatism. We all cringed when we were told that the equally liberal Mayor Giuliani was being heralded as the presumptive Republican leader, but thankfully, that did not last long. We could not escape the ranting of the Rev. Huckabee, knowing that he leaned far to the left and did not have the wherewithal to battle the likes of deliriously liberal Democrats that infest Washington.

We even were told to accept the presumptive nominee John ‘Amnesty’ McCain. I for one am turned off by this man, for I have seen who he really is. I have had to endure the ultra-liberal ‘maverick’ Republican who does not care for the rule of law. He has promised to allow all the law-breaking illegal aliens the opportunity to be made automatic citizens of our country. He has promised and he has shown his penchant to go over to the enemy camp and make compromises. This crossing activity only further erodes the liberties and rights of citizens on this country.

Juan McCain, the maverick Arizona senator, has demonstrated his ability to throw away proven Conservative platforms to bring about change that will inevitably ruin our country.

It was a dark and dreary summer of hopelessness and despair that many of us tolerated, with no prospect of Conservatism reemerging. We were continually told that Conservatism was dead, never to return; not only by Democrats, but Republicans alike. Moderates and liberals abound in this day and age of government and nothing will engage the loyal Conservative base as a Reaganesque, Conservative Republican.

We were told that change and a movement towards the left, a movement towards conciliation, is what will ensure victory. We saw far too many Republicans fail in the last general election with this attitude. The liberal Democrats ran roughshod over the poorly prepared Republicans who were searching for moderation and leaning left. We are witnessing and experiencing the results of this erroneous tack, with additional liberties lost, rampant out of control spending, liberal policies gaining a stronghold and the moral fabric being shredded by the homosexual mafia, by the immensely powerful teachers unions that hammer their liberalism into the minds of the young, by the ultra-liberal judicial activism that has destroyed the rule of law and the Constitution and by the Republican bureaucratic errors in judgment that have led us to the gate of the ultimate financial destruction of our nation and perhaps the world.

Yes, we have endured, with no hope on the horizon. With lowly hearts we continued to work at our jobs each and every day, worrying about the impending tax increases that will result with another Democrat victory and one which we know we cannot bear. We, as a nation, have suffered a deficiency of Conservatism. Not since the days of Reagan, have we seen the light that shines so brightly, that effortlessly slashes through the darkness, gloominess and despair of liberalism, scattering the devilish agents of communism, Marxism and socialism back under the shadows of the rocks from whence they came.

But now, for all those who had lost heart, there appears to be a new day beginning with a brightness that brings hope to all those in desolation, to all those who anguished over the loss of the spirit of Conservatism. We now have a Mom, a ferocious hockey Mom from Alaska who is validating Conservatism as a vehicle of change, certifying that Conservatism is not dead. She has single-handedly pushed back the veil, exposing to the entire world that we can have hope again, that we can smile once more knowing that there are those who will stand and fight for us in the political arena, choosing to do the right thing, rather than that which is politically expedient. We have found someone who understands Conservatism and will not shrink from the task when confronted with overwhelming adversity.

We have seen our Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska, former Mayor and former council member of Wasilla, Alaska. We have seen and heard Sarah Palin energize the long forgotten and discarded Conservative base as Vice-Presidential Candidate for the Republican Party and one who is quite capable of being President Palin, given the right circumstances. I would vote for Palin as Vice-President or even as President without thinking twice about it. What a breath of fresh air she has brought to the campaign!

Now, most of us Conservatives still have a problem. John McCain is still the same old liberal maverick he always has been. He has not changed one iota, which presents the most delicate conundrum. Do we pull the lever for Juan, Mister Amnesty, Mister crossing the aisle to the other side, Mister liberal Republican, voluntarily choosing to forget his record? Do we allow this maverick, who in and of himself could not bring this base to its feet? Do we elect John McCain just because he has chosen the most Conservative and most excellent Sarah Palin?

It was only two weeks ago that we were listening to the MSM pundits expound on the imminent choice of Joe Lieberman as his Vice-President. It was only two weeks ago that John McCain was headed into a convention that the Republicans felt as a necessary evil to put behind them, thinking perhaps next time we could field a proper candidate.

Perhaps there are those out there that can justify casting the vote for McCain, when the opposing candidate offers certain doom. I must continue to search my inner self to rationalize this action, one which goes against the very principles of Conservatism.

Is it that McCain has changed? I see no evidence of this. Has he allowed Sarah Palin to bring the base to him? Most definitely! Will the fired up base enjoy the policies that he is expected to institute? It is doubtful!

McCain has virtually suspended his normal talk of liberal policies that were his trademark. He has cloaked himself in Republicanism to find party consensus. John McCain will eventually emerge and become himself again.

In the meantime, what are we to do?

We want to pull the straight ticket lever when we enter the voting booth, but can we do that with this particular candidate? I am ‘torn between two choices’ with one Conservative Vice-Presidential candidate which will not happen unless I vote for the one cloaked Republican President as well.

My conscience will suffer greatly in the next month or so until I enter the booth and I am certain that I am not alone.

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