Monday, September 08, 2008

On the Bridge to Nowhere?

By John Kubciek

I'll just cut right to the chase. No lead up, no tease, no fumbling around. I just want to say that no matter how good I felt after the RNC last week, I still have my doubts and fears.... about John McCain as President. What I'm really looking for right now, is beyond a reasonable doubt, John McCain would be the right choice to make. My decision remains yet to be set in concrete, despite the brilliant decision to pick Sarah Palin as his VP running mate.

And one more honest assessment of my choices that I must consider. My absolute resolution is to work to make sure that Barry and the ObamaNation does not ever occupy the White House. The worst thing ever would be an ObamaNation with Barry in the Whitehouse, and a Congress totally controlled by Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. I don't think the horror of that scenario can even be imagined.

Yet, in the mean time, some of my colleagues in the New Media are just as afraid of a John McCain administration. I do not doubt for a minute that many of them have good reasoning for that opinion. In fact, for much of the time during the primaries, I agreed with much of the "discension" displayed from amongst the Conservative wings of the Republican Party and Independents. I supported Ron Paul in my Republican Party Iowa caucus early last January. I was not "energized" by any of the other candidates except for Tom Tancredo or Duncan Hunter. But neither of them could get anything going.

But doesn't it get confusing when one of our "Conservative" friends tell us that we must not allow Obama to be elected, but John McCain would be worse for America? Huh? Well, those are the two messages I'm getting from Joseph Farah's writings. Isn't that like saying, "Heads they win, Tails we lose"? In "A response to Janet Folger", Joseph writes:

But I absolutely, fundamentally disagree with her about voting for John McCain, a politician who has been at war with her and her values for at least the last eight years – maybe longer.

That was Joseph's response to Janet Folger's column, "Joseph Farah is wrong … dead wrong," where Janet tries to remind Farah of where the ObamaNation could move this country, especially with control of the White House and Congress, in a very short amount of time.

So, now there are really two issues that we must consider. Do we concentrate our efforts on "NObama"? Or, do we consider JSM to be just as dangerous, thus taking on the risk of having Obama by going with a third party candidate?

I was hoping after last week's RNC that those questions were answered when Sarah Palin was picked to be the VP running mate. However, after reading many blogs, comments on, columns by my favorite pundits, commentaries by my favorite talk-radio hosts, it seems that my confusion and indecision is being magnified. So, for right now, to maintain some sanity, I'll keep with my support for the McCain-Palin ticket. And I claim that it is the necessary decision to make in order to keep our worst nightmare, an ObamaNation, from winning.

Though I do still have major reservations about McCain, his pick of Sarah McCain helped. And then again, it didn't. I'm not so sure that the pick of a VP running mate really makes a difference when it comes down to the actual administration. As of right now, though, I'm hoping it does influence the McCain administration. And now, I'm finding myself out on a limb, because I'm depending a lot on Sarah Palin and what she could help us avoid: Going out on a bridge to nowhere.

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tkstock said...


I think you over-think this. You have 2 choices. Obama, or McCain.

Obama is one of the most-liberal senators that exist today (along with his VP running mate). While you disagree with SOME of McCain's stances, you disagree with almost ALL of Obama's stances.

I hate to say that voting for the lesser of two evils is the way you should go, but it is.

Think of a more-extreme example: would you vote for Obama or Osama, if one of the two were guaranteed to get elected and not voting for Obama might get Osama elected?

John Kubicek said...

Tkstock, just so you know, I only wanted to report what many of the potential voters are thinking about. You are 100% right, "While you disagree with SOME of McCain's stances, you disagree with almost ALL of Obama's stances." Wait, let me change that to 98.7% correct; actually I disagree with ALL - not almost All - of NObama's stances.

tkstock, what we must still discern, as I was trying to say covertly, is that McCain isn't trying to deceive us. I don't want him using Sarah Palin, or me, to get himself elected.