Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Oh, Joe, gotta go

By John Kubicek

"Umm... uh.... sorry, but, ah... uh, picking a good VP part of my ticket to the White House.... well, uh.... ummm..... may have been above my pay... um, pay... ummm.... pay grade. Uh, sorry Joe, ummm... you gotta ... Uh, J-J-Joe, hang on.... call waiting thing... be right back with ya...."

After fumbling around with hitting the right button on the, uh, keypad, and after another puff of the cigarette burning up in the ashtray, Barry finally gets switched over to his call waiting thing....

"Hey, Hillary, whassup girl? Hang on a sec..." (Barry, actually hitting the right button on his cell to switch back to the previous call).... "Oh, Joe, gotta go"

(My thanks to the NSA agent that kindly forwarded the transcript from top secret phone records to me!)

The Joe Biden Gaffometer has been going off the charts lately. Is it, I don't know, but, can I say intentional? Did the ObamaNation realize the huge error that they made? Hillary supporters crossing the aisle to support McCain? Lots of questions should be asked, and have been.

Rush Limbaugh was already talking about it at the end of last week:

And the amazing thing is that Joe has kept them gaffes coming since then:

If Joe Biden was appealing a decision of the EEOC, to keep his job as the VP wanna-be, he would lose. He has already admitted that Hillary would be a more qualified candidate:

So, Mr. I'm-a-Harvard-grad-and-Community-Organizer, what do you do now? Wow, with the Biden Gaffe Machine going full speed, how are you going to spin this? And shouldn't you do something really drastic, now, as in before that Oct. 2 debate with Sarah Palin? You know darn well, don't you, that Joe will be telling Sarah that she would be a much better choice as a VP by the end of the debate? Wouldn't things be much more interesting with a debate between Shrillary and Sarah Barracuda? Wow, move over, WWE! By golly, can you imagine them on at the same time on "The View" or "Oprah"? Move over, Jerry Springer!

Okay, before I split your brain in half with all of the revelations, most that will come true... please allow me a moment to congratulate the NL Central Division Champions, the Chicago Cubs. What a year! Barry, you should have had Jim Hendry as your mentor. Maybe then you would have known how to pick the right personnel for your campaign! ... Sorry, I'm having a Bob Uecker moment... Joe Biden was not a good choice to begin with, even if the Obamanation now turns to Shrillary. It is the lack of Barry's executive experience that would scare me.

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