Thursday, September 04, 2008

If it ain't a pit bull, it is definitely a hockey mom - with lipstick!

By John Kubicek

Yep, there's no doubt, the next Civil War in America has just begun!

Fortunately, in this case, it'll be a war that will be fought out in the Presidential campaigns with the final victory taking place at the polls in November of this year. But despite that fact, this one is going to "get bloody"... only in the political sense, hopefully.

I may either become a victom, or a victor, but I'm going to be in it all the way until the end. You see, it was a little less than a month ago, I was totally undecided. Honestly, I really didn't know what I wanted, other than the fact that I wanted the Obamessiah to be defeated. Whether it was because I am afraid The One, Barry, wants a socialist society, or because he was seeming to be too much like the Antichrist, he scares me.

My prayers had tended to be asking the Lord to help us find a way to defeat the Demoncratic nominee for the prize of getting a stay in the White House for a few years. But it was looking very grim, if I may say so. Many of my Conservative Christian friends were expressing their disgust with the way things were with all of the Republican candidates over the last year. I found myself starting to look at Ron Paul as a viable Republican nominee. I even supported him back on January 3, 2008, in the Iowa Caucuses.

Then, when McCain wrapped it all up, I was looking at 3rd party possibilities, because there were many things that bothered me about this presumptive Republican candidate. Just go back and check out previous posts I've written here, and you'll see all the various ways I varied his name, such as "McLame"... I wasn't a McCain supporter as you would notice.

But then... the revelation... the epiphany. In April '08, I had discussed my "Discombobulated Dream". What did I say? Well, in my dismay of John McCain being in the lead for the Republican nomination, I was afraid that John McCain would pick a Liberal, a Demoncrat, to be his running mate. I was in total fear that he would pick a liberal, such as Hillary, to draw in her crowd, and at that time, Barry Obamanation was already looking pretty good for his party's nomination.

Thank God, I was wrong!

First, it wasn't long ago, John McCain had a great appearance at the "Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency" and there were the great accolades from the guys I consider to be on my side. I agreed. However, there were reservations, my heroes in the talk radio realm were saying, basically, "that while John McCain did well in exposing his socially Conservative side, we have to worry about him picking a Liberal as a running mate"... You know, like Lieberman or Ridge...

Oh, I was so happy, though, when I discovered this one great article just a couple days following the "Saddleback Civil Forum on the Presidency" and while I was worrying about John McCain picking a Liberal as a running mate. Drew Zahn at broke the story: Is mysterious website tipping off McCain's VP?

Alaska's Sarah Palin is a bold, first-term Republican governor, a former beauty pageant winner, a mother of five and, if a website of mysterious origin proves prophetic, she could be Sen. John McCain's choice for vice presidential running mate.

I went with that, right from the beginning. Several days before the actual announcement, I finally got that great banner graphic up on my blogs. I was really interested in what Sarah Palin could add to the McCain campaign. But, yet, I still had my doubts.

Yes, I said it. I had doubts about who John McCain really represents. When he publicly announced Sarah Palin as his running mate at the end of last week, though, I had to reconsider a few things. Was I seeing a light at the end of the tunnel? Was it possible that John McCain really is a Conservative? How was it possible that he would choose a person that could be such a hero for Conservatives if he didn't have those values himself?

Yes, I had a lot of questions, but I was feeling the electricity, the buzz of getting the right running mate, as being a brilliant decision. Of course, anyone that saw Sarah Palin's speech tonight would know already, it turns out to have been a decision that will be going down in history as a major political victory.

Now, there is the "Palin Power", and you best get over to that blog and see for yourself. You'll see for yourself that Sarah may seem to be the answer to stopping the ObamaNation. And now, you must, and you will, decide what kind of "change" you want for this country. But I'll give you one major hint: You can be on the winning side, or not. But the winning side has God on their side. And many of us should know for sure which one does or doesn't.

No, maybe the words, "Civil War" may not quite fit. Maybe it is the battle we've known was coming: it's a "Spiritual War". And I can definitely identify with the side I'm for! Are you going to be ready for that decision? I am, and I did. And, so did John McCain, and I'm NOW proud to be supporting him.

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