Friday, August 29, 2008

Really True Grit!

By John Kubicek

What an awesome day! I didn't sleep last night. I knew something big was coming. I started tracking video to possibly add to my youtube account, and it sure hadn't come from the Democrat National Convention in Denver. No, it seemed like there was something even bigger that would be coming up. My vibes ended up being right on. A couple of days ago, I put a banner on this blog - regarding John McCain's pick for VP. Right under the banner, I had written, "John McCain: Pick Sarah Palin!"

Okay, okay, enough with patting myself on the back for getting the pick right. I'll just say how I'm so happy about who McCain actually picked the right person, and he'll actually get my vote. I got this video shortly before the news was confirmed by Fox News. Sorry, it may seem like old news now..... the news comes quickly these days. But this was the moment when my hopes were looking really good this morning! This has been fun, despite no sleep!

We need to know, that by picking Sarah Palin, John McCain has made it clear, he has the TRUE GRIT we need as a President. She's Pro-Life, and she's tough. She could easily take the job as President if needed, God forbid. John McCain made the right choice!

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John Kubicek said...

By the way - Happy Birthday, John McCain! And Happy Anniversary, Sarah and Todd Palin!

(John, I'm really glad you listened to me about picking Sarah Palin. Thanks for reading my blogs!)