Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Circus under the BIG GREEN TENT

By John Kubicek

It has become a three-ring circus under the Big Green Tent. In this circus, there are many performers and three rings of performances.

In the first ring, there are many clowns running around, screaming "the sky is falling, the sky is falling": They claim that man is causing global-warming. There is one big fat clown that gives me the creeps, not to mention nightmares about clowns. His name is Algore. No, these clowns aren't funny at all, they all have their sad painted faces. These are the exact same clowns that work part-time as your Senators and Representatives, and refuse to find ways to keep our energy costs down. These are the exact same clowns that have decided that the solution to keep from toasting the planet is to keep your energy costs very high in order to force you to cut back in energy usage.

Funny, though, these clowns don't peddle around in little clown cars. No, their idea of transportation is their own personal corporate jets or large RVs... It is the rest of us that are supposed to find ways to "cut back" on our use of environmentally-unfriendly fuels, as if that is even possible. Their idea, while serving in their part-time jobs in Congress is to tax energy and energy-producers so that we can't afford to heat our homes or drive to work.

Oh, by the way, did I tell you that those clowns in the first ring all wear GREEN suits with BIG RED poke-a-dots? Did I also forget to tell you that the first ring is way over on the left side of this circus under the BIG GREEN TENT?

And then there is the second ring in this 3-ring circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. Many of the clowns from the first ring tend to spill over into this ring. This is the ring of the wing-nuts of ALTERNATIVE energy. This is the ring right smack in the center of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. One of the clowns reminds me of the olympic gymnasts, flip-flopping around until the whole crowd is impressed, and calls him, "The One." And "The One" is the funniest of all, making us all laugh with (or at) him and his great ideas touted by many in the Main Stream Media. He goes to inflate the tires on his clown car until they explode! Hilarious!

And yet, these guys over in the 2nd ring in the center of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT are not just the jokesters, but they can also be the illusionists, the magicians. They somehow find a way to make a lot of GREEN in the form of money, by finding so-called solutions to our energy hunger. They are like the money-making concession stands in the entertainment business. "That's right, our product will save the planet! Turn your left-over swimming pool water into fuel for your limo!" Well, that pretty much tells you who buys into that hype...

I'll say a little more about the 2nd ring in awhile, but first let me divert your attention over to the fun things going on in the 3rd ring, way over on the dimly lit right side of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. It seems there's a few - maybe about 13 - elephants over there dancing in bright yellow tutus singing, "Zippity-Do-Da, Zippity-E-A... drill here, drill now, pay less today!" The ring master for the 3rd Ring over on the dimly-lit right side of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT is known as Newt. Hey, let's go over there to see what Newt has to say!

This was by the far the best part of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT, that is until somebody came out, stood in front of the 2nd ring in the center of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. This must have been the ring-master for the 2nd Ring. This guy, I think his name was something like "T-Bone-Pickens", (or is that T Boone Pickens?), had some interesting things to say, too:

T-Bone-Pickens must not have been one of the government-provided clowns. He had some outstanding things to say, although, I'm not in a position to change over all of my appliances to all-electric from natural gas-powered. Maybe his purpose was to sell new appliances. Hey, they need to pay for the Circus under the BIG GREEN TENT one way or another!

But now comes the guy that must be ring-master of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. What he has to say brought many cheers and applause. He explained what could be done to bring all three rings of the circus into one big ring, one that actually makes sense. No more blowing up tires or driving your car around with a huge fan attached to the top of it (to generate electricity as you're driving....). This guy should be the one that captures everyone's attention:

Yes, that is the ticket! We need to bring all of the rings in the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT all into one ring, where we are using all of the available resources, and at the same time, keep the planet green. No, I haven't bought tickets into seeing the 1st Ring way over on the left side of the circus under the BIG GREEN TENT. No, I'm not supporting that side of the circus. However, the performance brought to us by ... um, let me see, oh yeah - farmers and entrepreneurs taking part in FREE ENTERPRISE - seem to be the ones keeping this circus going, BIG GREEN TENT, or not.

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