Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Michelle Malkin's Discombobulated Convention Experience

By John Kubicek

In a column earlier today, Michelle Malkin reported on how the hard-core left vowed to turn out 50,000 protesters for the Democratic National Convention this week:

They pledged to "Re-create '68" and cause the kind of tear-gas-infused revolutionary havoc that marked the DNC in Chicago four decades ago.

Here is Michelle's report on Fox News with Neil Cavuto, regarding the "68-man protest":

I think that somewhere in the beginning of that video, Alex Jones may have made a cameo appearance. I could be wrong... But, as to the "protests" around the DNC, it wasn't really just about far-leftists or disaffected Hillary supporters. It was what some may call, the "loons". Maybe DNC should stand for Discombobulated Nut Convention... More about this soon!

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