Monday, August 18, 2008

Even scarier than Discombobulated Dreams

By John Kubicek

The story I am about to tell you is true. The names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Lately, for some reason, I've been in a deluge of horrifying dreams involving my greatest fear: heights. The other night, I had the most terrifying dream ever in my life.

I had been sitting on top of a tall building on a park bench. I suddenly looked out, and saw nothing but the curvature of the earth and clouds far below me. At the time this happened, in my dream, I was on a cell phone call. Out of the corner of my eye, in my peripheral vision, I saw a construction worker standing on a beam, which had to be thousands of feet above the ground. He had no harness, no net beneath him. And yet, he was totally confident of where he was standing. He looked at me, smiling. and that is when I caught the view of being far above ground level myself.

At just about that time, I felt the feeling of falling. I remember telling the person that I was talking to on my cell phone call, "I need to go! I have to go! Can't talk any more! I can't!" And just as I began falling, while hanging up on the cell phone call, somebody grabbed me and pulled me back to the "safety" of that park bench in the sky.

It wasn't long after that part of the dream, I woke up. I continued to have the flash-backs of the feeling of that fall long after I woke up. I could feel that insecure feeling of being at a height that I was not comfortable with, all day long.

To the dream interpreters out there, this would have to be a tough one to decipher. Who was the man out on the beam? Who caught me when I began to fall? While I was on a cell phone call, why didn't I notice sooner that I was ascending toward the heavens to where my fear of heights would so totally freak me out, to where I had to hang up on somebody that I was talking to on the phone that I greatly love?

It's true, we sometimes must be eating the wrong things before retiring for the evening, and we have those discombobulated dreams. What is so scary, is that those dreams may be premonitions, where we see things; yet they are foggy, and interpretation is difficult. When it came to John McCain getting Hillary as his running mate, in that discombobulated dream - that was scary. What is really frightening me, along with many other Conservatives, is not Hillary, but a McCain pick of a liberal or Democrat for his VP choice.

John McCain has risen to very new heights in HIS dream of ascending to the White House. Should he completely blow off the momentum from his outstanding performance at the Saddleback "Civil Forum on the Presidency" by picking a person for VP that does not fit his current assertion that he is a Conservative, he will fall, and he won't have anyone to catch him on his way down.

But still, I have that gnawing thought in my mind: Who was that construction worker that was out on the beam that I saw in my dream? What was he symbolic of? I have some thoughts about that. It is something that John McCain needs to keep in mind, while floatiing in the clouds at this time, because his choice for VP will either make him or break him. McCain is the guy that really needs to know, or finally figure out, who that dude out on the beam is.

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Anonymous said...

YOu should contact John McCain and share this with him. perhaps, he will heed the warning..It may be the Lord sending a word to him through your dream...Regardless, we need to pray for him that God will direct his choice and secure his position as the next president of the USA.

John Kubicek said...

Jesus Street USA, I loved what you said. There have been many of the Conservative pundits that have written or said the same thing on their radio or TV shows. I just wrote it in different words.

Regardless of the fact that I believe, or at least suspect, that the Holy Spirit helped me write what I did, it would be highly unlikely that McCain, or his campaign people, would listen to me above all the people that are much more qualified than me to advise him.

I could believe one other possibility, though. That would be that my blogs are subliminally affecting what many other bloggers, or even the talking heads, are writing and talking about... In other words, maybe what I write will be picked up by others that DO or COULD have an influence on the candidate.

Sure, I'll pray for John McCain, but I'm not sure that he is the right one for the USA, either. But I DO agree wholeheartedly, we need to pray that God, rather than Satan, picks our next President.