Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Lack of Fairness Doctrine

By John Kubicek

Remember the good old "Fairness Doctrine"? Are you aware that there are people trying to get it revived? Do you know that it would also apply to blogs, the way "they" want it done?

And who are the "players" involved in this plot to void the First Amendment? Could it be the power brokers in the shadows, that call the shots? That tell Rick Warren what to ask and what not to ask?

Now, think back a few days ago, what was called the Saddleback "Civil Forum on the Presidency". Though it did a great job defining the two candidates, there was a lot lacking at the Lame Saddlesore Discussion show.... What bothers me to this day is the absence of certain topics that never came up. Should I list them? Okay, here it is, the topics that should have been covered by the questions from Pastor Rick Warren:
  1. What are your views about illegal immigration? Should we do more to secure our borders?
  2. How do you feel about keeping America as a sovereign nation? Yes, this is a question that relates to your patriotism or lack thereof.
  3. Are you in favor or against the revival of the Fairness Doctrine?
  4. Please explain what you think the 2nd Amendment means in relation to civilian gun rights.
  5. Do you feel that homeschooling should be encouraged or discouraged?
  6. Where do you draw the line when it comes to balancing national security with our rights to privacy?
  7. Last, but definitely not least, what would your energy policy be? Would you put environment and fighting global warming over America's need for energy? How would you solve the problems with energy that we are now facing?
You see, that was the problem. None of those questions were asked. I'm not saying that the other questions Pastor Rick asked were bad, even though one of the questions was over a certain candidate's paygrade. However, without knowing their views on the topics I've listed, did we honestly learn that much about the candidates last Saturday night?

And, most of all, why weren't any of those seven topics I listed above included? Is it because they would have said the same thing? Would those have been issues that they would have agreed on? Hmmm.....

Also, it's interesting that in the last few days, I didn't hear any of the pundits mention the fact that none of those questions were brought up, and are still unanswered. It seems that those may be the questions that several third-party candidates would have very good answers to. So, that also leads me to the next question about the Lame Saddlesore Discussion show: Why weren't there any of the 3rd Party candidates invited to it? Of course, a quick reply would obviously be because of time constraints. Okay, then couldn't it be spread out over several evenings?

Yeah, it's too bad "THEY" didn't think of that... "THEY" may have had to allow the truth to be exposed, but it would have been a good money-making opportunity for "THEM".

But I DID think of this, and I AM going to capitalize on this opportunity. I challenge Alan Keyes, Bob Barr, and Chuck Baldwin to make their comments on the subjects that I listed above. In fact, I even invite Juan and the Obamassiah to add their spin to these subjects. I will post them here on this blog should any of you want to let America know your views on the TRUE ISSUES that weren't covered last Saturday night.


Anonymous said...

Very good..I hope they accept the challenge..Would like to hear what they say..

groovsmyth said...

I have a question for Pastor Rick, and a challenge to anyone who promotes his ministry...
How can persons calling themselves Christian aid and abet the farcical extravaganza scheduled in Washington, D.C. for 20 January 2009?
An Invocation for the impending Freedom of Choice Act? One can't put lipstick on a pig and expect the pig to be moral. Obama was tainted through the Chicago political machine before even becoming the so-called President-elect. If he's ineligible under the U.S. Constitution to be President, then a ceremony to swear him in, on the Lincoln Bible no less, doesn't make him President. It makes him a President IMPOSTER. And Rich Warren will be rubber stamping "legitimacy" on the whole sham, and offering more scandal for Christianity by serving at the event.