Monday, August 18, 2008

HELP WANTED: Freedom Fighters

By John Kubicek

In the process of job hunting for far too long, various ideas came to mind. Of course, one of the ideas had to do with how to get myself to stand out amongst the throngs of all of the other job searchers! That isn't an easy task. Obviously sending out a resume with bright green text on an orange background probably wouldn't be the ticket to fame and fortune, let alone avoiding the instant delete button on the potential employers' email program.

So, while various ideas swirled around in my head, only to be flushed just like .... never mind, you get the idea without the details... I did have one that kept sticking. (Um, please, try to avoid the former picture I had unintentionally put in your mind...) I digress.

Okay, so back to the point. I tended to keep looking for a job title like, "HELP WANTED; Freedom Fighters", and unfortunately those tended to be ads for military service, or....uh, Black Water.... The kind of "Freedom Fighter" I was actually picturing would be somebody like Ben Franklin, somebody that uses words for their weapon. (Replace "keyboard" for "quill" here.)

To no avail, I didn't find any ads saying that they (the potential employer) wanted to hire somebody to write from a Conservative Evangelic Christian point of view, at least not in the job sites. Too bad. I would have only had to compete with maybe just 100,000 other people for that one!

That's when the idea that popped out seemed to stick. I got thinking about just who other Freedom Fighters are, besides our brave men and women in the Armed Forces. Why, of course! Entrepreneurs! Business owners, whether small- or medium-sized; you know, the ones that employ 80% or more of us. Even the people that work from home in small businesses! They are heroes in the sense that they are the ones that keep the dreams alive, and depend on their own efforts - rather than the government - for their success, or failure. They are the true audacity of hope for freedom, and they are the ones that set the example by depending on their own efforts. They are also, in my view, true Freedom Fighters.

Ding-Ding-Ding! Many ideas started coming to me at about that time. It was a revelation. How about offering sponsorship opportunities to the various Freedom Fighters that agreed with my writings? After contemplating that idea, I realized that there are many options available; from a commission basis to affiliate programs to period-based fees. Total flexibility based on the advertiser's needs.

Sure enough, the idea has begun to catch fire. I have already started the process, and have a sponsor lined up. There is also a fantastic affiliate program that will be a part of my marketing scheme here on the good ol' "johnny2k Is Home" blog.

And sure enough, it's irony at it's best. When it seemed my opportunities were limited, and I didn't find any job ads like, "HELP WANTED: Freedom Fighters", I could be the one that is offering the opportunity, and not the other way around!

PLEASE NOTE (and this is not a Disclaimer Notice): This blog post was completely meant for a commercial intention, with subliminal information that will definitely infect you with the desire to express your freedom, start a business, ask johnny2k for assistance in marketing your business, helping you succeed, and helping to make my life comfortable (above and beyond trying to live off government benefits).

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The Christian Patriot said...

An excellent idea my friend, and I wish you well in your endeavor. Alex Jones, love him or hate him, has done this to an extent, and his sponsors have enabled him to spread his message far and wide.

I also like the idea of a militia of words and Constitution based ideology backed by true second amendment style militias if needed. Preparedness is always good. This has been on my mind for some time.