Saturday, November 08, 2008

Dreams of a Community Organizer for Conservatives

Dreams of a Community Organizer: For Conservatives, expatrioted Republicans, and Independents that still believe in the Constitution

By John Kubicek

Who says that people can't rise to the top regardless of all of the barriers. Barack Obama has proved that it could be done, and became the President-elect, even with a bi-racial background. "Joe the Plumber" became a spokesman for the Republican campaign late in the last election cycle. Gov. Sarah Palin went from soccer mom to Governor.

So, uh, what am I saying? That I plan to run for President someday?

Sorry, but that job is way over my paygrade. But, what I AM saying is that I have no qualms for being a reflection of the world view that many of us, probably in the majority, would like to voice. But hey, who's got time? To do that requires a lot of sacrifice.

Trust me, Samuel J. "Joe the Plumber" Wurzelbacher and Sarah Palin both sacrificed time and money in the last couple of months. Oh, wait, they sacrificed even more than that; they have both been the targets of personal attacks.

Aware of the dangers of being in the spotlight, I'll be happy to sacrifice my time, privacy, and even what little I have in finances, if there should ever be the day when.... well, when I step up and quit worrying about the consequences. That is only because I have the passion to do what I am able to do, to help organize a community of voters that will turn things around.

Obviously, I didn't enlist the assistance of a ghost writer (you know, like Bill Ayers) in the writing of this story. That wouldn't be necessary. I still have plenty of coherent things to say - on my own - despite my exposure to the drug culture of the early 1970's life on a college campus. Or maybe, despite my exposure to the liberal philosphies of most of my liberal college professors... Besides, the only "ghost writer" I'd ever trust would be the Holy Spirit. Yeah, the "Holy Ghost Writer"!

If I were to get a start somewhere, though, I would write a book, an autobiography. I am sure that one of the main themes of my "Dreams..." book would definitely be focused on my late wife, Connie. She was born with "special needs". I married her, regardless of those needs. I pretty much gave up everything to be with her, to care for her, in her last few years here before going to the Lord. And it was worth every moment, every sacrifice. And it was my choice.

Oh, you say you want to read the rest of the story? Well, while the book is yet to be published... when I finally get around to writing it... there is always the vast resource of my archives that you can check out. Hey, what can you say, what you write on the internet never goes away.

For those of you that didn't quite understand this post, please go back to riding your skateboard and asking your mom to make some more kool-aide. Seriously, you wouldn't be able to handle the truth.


Alexander said...

Most excellent post! Can I be your press spokesman/agent?

One piece of advise (for now). Remember that hate is not becoming! Hate the sin? Yes. Hate the sinner? Absolutely not!

Love ya!
The Scrooge Report

Biased Girl said...

This is my first time to your blog, I followed you from the Digg list. Great post. I'll keep checking in on you!