Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Change I Can Believe In

By John Kubicek

A Change I Can Believe In: Glenn Beck is being added to the Fox News Network lineup starting in January 2009.

On his very first appearance on the curved couch on Fox & Friends, he makes a great point about what Sarah Palin had to go through with her McCain campaign "handlers." Yeah, good job, McCain campaign. No wonder why Sarah Palin went "rogue", which started at about the time when "Joe the Plumber" appeared on the scene. Here is the first segment:

Before I start talking about some more serious stuff, let me first point out an observation that Glenn made towards the end of the above video. Glenn, as a husband, understood the "look" that Todd Palin was giving John McCain during the concession speech. Well, could it be that Todd had by chance seen this following video?

Getting to know you - From: jedreport

In light of what I just heard while working on this, straight out of the mouth of Glenn Beck while doing his morning show, not one thing I wrote above really makes any difference now. What I just heard was a man that was not afraid to share his Love for the Lord on the air. Well, add that to the fact that somebody commented on the first video, saying that CNN was cancelling Glenn's contract, and that was why he was going to Fox.

Hey, maybe now we will know why CNN cancelled his contract; they were afraid - very afraid - to have a true believer in their line up!

I hand it to Roger Ailes and Fox News Channel. I am sure they knew where Glenn stands. They had to know. Glenn's book, "The Christmas Sweater," is now on the shelves. It's a novel, but I am sure it is as revealing of Glenn's beliefs as "Dreams of My Father" was of Barack Obama... only from a whole different point of view.

Yes, this morning, Glenn was talking about emails he's received about "The Christmas Sweater," and I heard his voice break up... not because of radio static... No, I heard Glenn have a good and well deserved "choke up" moment. I was right there with him. Me, too, Glenn.

When the "Fairness Doctrine" goes back into affect, I guess that maybe Roger Ailes will have to go ahead and hire ALL of the great talk radio hosts, and then tell the FCC to ... uh, never mind. But, you get the drift? Apparently, TV networks can put on what ever biased news that they want to - fair and balanced is obviously not a requirement like on radio networks.

Let's go another step further, just to keep the news balanced. Fox News Channel needs to have a segment at least once a week with Sarah Palin, as a Fox News contributor... No, wait. Not just one segment a week, but as many as they can on every one of the shows in the Fox News line up! (I wonder, though, if Huckabee would go for that idea? Hey, Huck! Think future Cabinet post!!)

Glenn Beck, on Fox News Channel, that is a change I CAN BELIEVE IN! Will Rush be next?

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