Monday, November 17, 2008

The Obamacide of the United States of America

By John Kubicek

In a column by Doug Powers this morning, "Life of Riley vs. Life of Brian", I learned a new word: "Obamacide." Now, his use of the word was different than how I am using it. But hey, there are many words that have multiple meanings, right? In the context of this writing, I am using a derivative of the original meaning of the word, coined by Doug, as he expresses in the following:

In Texas, a man committed suicide and left a note asking Obama to "take care of my family," highlighting how the creation of a hopeless dependency culture breeds pitiful indigent lemmings who some days are too depressed to even suck the public teat. Because of this, I coined the word "Obamacide," and I sincerely hope it doesn't catch on.
Sorry, Doug, but the cat has already been let out of the bag. It's too late now. It will likely take on a life of its own now. Only in my expression of the word, "Obamacide," it refers to the millions and millions of people that voted for a person that wants to take away our means of defending our freedom. And I'm not just talking about taking away our arms, but that is where it starts, as shown from a section of CHANGE.GOV, as seen below:

UPDATE - 19 NOV 08: You can now click on the above text (graphic) so that you can see it clearly. I then had to update the following description to the first video.

The following video may bring to light an intersting related item that should have been of concern to the voters (who value our freedoms):

And now, I present you with this youtube video that tells you all about Obama's desire to crack down on people that want to bear arms:

Thank you, obamaspromises!

So, am I wrong? Does it seem like there are enough people that would fall for another attempt to limit our ability to arm ourselves? Why did so many people vote for Barack Obama? They either knew very well what would happen, or they had no clue. Actually, take your pick. It was both. The propaganda of the far left worked. Enough people drank the kool-aid. It was mass Obamacide.

And now, there is another problem. A main stream media that will say or print anything (or nothing...take your pick). They seem to be mostly the rabid supporters of the President-elect. There were things they knew about, but neglected to share with us. Oh, but if it was somthing that is anti-Palin, even if it wasn't true, or not verified, it went to the press, above the fold, or headlining the various liberal-slanted networks, or thrown out there by the Soros-produced websites. Well, let's see, how could they? Why would they? Well, here's an example I'll be willing to bet never makes it to page one, above the fold, but maybe those questions will be answered:

Believe me, I am not so sure that this was a matter of the press being duped. They may have been fully aware of what was going on. Just think about that. If you think somebody got one by the press, that the media didn't verify the source.... How do we really know that they didn't know? "A truly trained reporter would know it," says the guest Fox News contributor, Liz Trotta. They didn't check out the story, because maybe they didn't want to. Maybe it wasn't simply neglect to do their jobs. They should have known how to verify the source. But, the story was just too good, and they figured they could get away with it. They drank the kool-aid. The main stream media commited mass Obamacide.

Alone, neither of these stories may have mattered to the masses. When they are combined, though, it is something that should set off the alarms. There is a problem here. I'm just saying that there are dots to be connected.

There are those people that WANT to take away our means of defense, and those that will pretty much believe all that the MSM tells them. And who controls the MSM? Why are there some in power that want to resurrect the "Fairness" Doctrine? And they are also the ones that will probably lead the way to more infringements on our 2nd Amendment rights?

Just say "NO!" to the Obamacide of our freedom of speech. That will be the only thing to prevent the Obamacide on our 2nd Amendment right to arm ourselves. And that would be the Obamacide of our freedom, and the end of the United States of America, as prescribed in our Constitution.

Just say "NO!" to Obamacide, and don't drink the kool-aid!

Life of Riley vs. Life of Brian - by Doug Powers


Doug said...

Thanks so much for spreading the word about my columns... I greatly appreciate it and I'm glad you like my writing!

John Kubicek said...

Hey, Doug, you're very welcome!

But it is I who should be thanking you for the wonder columns you provide every week. This last one was outstanding,(as usual!), but that line about the Obamacide really got me inspired to expound on it! Thanks again!

◄Dave► said...

John, I found your blog via the WND article tonight and was just poking around it. You might enjoy my "Gun Collecting" essay. Happy New Year. ◄Dave►