Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Looking For a True Conservative for 2012

By John Kubicek

We Conservatives have a lot of work to do before 2010 and 2012. And, what must first be done to get it started, is not to be a bunch of depressed or bitter citizens because "our guy" lost. In fact, we should be celebrating for the fact that "our guy" really WASN'T OUR GUY!

Yes, I was torn up last night. I went to bed, very tired, very depressed, and knowing that unlike anything we've ever seen, America is going to change. After oversleeping this morning, I ended up getting up and still, while feeling very down, I listened to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. I feel much better now. In fact, I'm feeling pretty jazzed. That's the reason I'm writing today.

So, what are the "positives" that Conservatives can bank on today? There are a few things, and I know that I can't even come close to touching on every one of them today. That's a good thing, it will give us plenty to discuss in the future.

Before I get into the "positives", I want to get up on the soapbox to present my opinion on an issue that needs to be put to rest if Conservatives are going to have a chance to advance our agenda in the future. I heard that some Republicans were accusing John McCain of picking the wrong running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Being that John McCain is NOT a Conservative, the only reason that he got as many votes as he did was by picking Sarah Palin. Really, I wouldn't have voted for him, otherwise. No, Sarah did not hurt the ticket. She was the one that made it somewhat palatable for most of us Conservatives.

And, by the way, was John McCain the one that actually picked Sarah Palin to be his running mate? Or, were there people in the GOP heirarchy that pressured him to make that choice? In other words, were there actually some in the higher echelons of the party that really knew that McCain couldn't be acceptable to people in the party that are on the Conservative side?

Okay, enough of that rant. Let's now look at what can be taken as positives for Conservatives at this point. There is one big one that we need to touch on, and keep in mind if we ever want another chance (to take back the country). Our principles, our values, may have been greatly jeopardized with a McCain presidency. There were two big ones that I had worried about: global warming and amnesty for illegal aliens. Those were two major issues that are all about globalism. I am very glad that it won't be a Republican that would have taken us in that direction!

Oh, yeah, we've been assured that there is a "two party system" here in America. The third parties will never have a chance. Okay? Can you accept that? You may not WANT to accept that, as a patriotic Conservative American, but that's the way it is. So, is there something to do about it? Yeah, there is. We take back the GOP. And, we figure out a way to unite. We need to accomplish that before 2010. We have our work cut out, don't we?

Face it, we need to find some people to lead us, don't we? Now, I'm not saying "Joe the Plumber" or Sarah Palin should be our next candidates, but I am saying that those are the people that represented you and I. They CAN be the inspiration for getting us together, though. Here, let's take a look at these two videos that I was finally able to get uploaded to, and the reason why we should not be feeling down and miserable. Yes, we see that we have a bunch of work to do to re-educated the population, and this is a good beginning:

In order to be able to upload the entire segment with Joe to youtube, I had to divide it into two parts. Here is the remainder, and the part that illustrates the kind of hope and encouragement, and courage, that we need!

It wasn't an easy thing to do today, to get up - out of bed and get uplifted - but I got 'er done. We now are going to start a new chapter of American history. And we now have to be thinking, "What do we do now?" We'll be working on that for the next few years. Do not be perplexed. Get on with life. Like a good friend told me at the grocery store this morning, "The world is still going around, isn't it?" It is. Stay positive. Stay hopeful. Keep praying.

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JAR said...

Mike Huckabee is the man for 2012