Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Tribute to Rush Limbaugh

By John Kubicek

Even as a little kid, I was very much into talk radio. I was lucky to have guys like Paul Harvey and Earl Nightingale on the AM radio for an occassional break from the Rock and Roll music filling most of the air time back then. It wasn't until I reached the old age of 35 that real talk radio started to be something to help the AM radio stations to make a gigantic comeback. Unfortunately, it was even a few years later when I discovered somebody so cavalier that would dare to talk about politics, and the religion of politics.

Yes, I'm talking about El Rushbo. Rush Limbaugh was a pioneer that changed the whole nature of talk-radio, and it wasn't until my late 30's before I was to make my discovery. I found that there were other people that felt just like me! And one of them was an up and coming radio talk-show host! I repeat, he felt JUST LIKE ME!!! And so did so many of the people that called into the show. I no longer felt alone in the realm of politics. It answered my questions about how Ronald Reagan had won two elections so convincingly when it seemed I was the only Conservative on the face of the Earth.

Okay, confession, that isn't entirely true. I knew there were a few other Conservatives out there, people that believed that there was a Power in the universe much better than what the government could do. That Power was in realizing the personal fortitude, perseverence, resilience and Faith that allowed anyone to succeed in life, as long as they knew the Lord, where that strength was coming from. I listened to many cassette tapes in the decade before I knew who Rush Limbaugh was. Those cassettes espoused the greatness of Free Enterprise. Even with Ronald Reagan as President during that time, I had the fear that the central federal government stifled Free Enterprise with massive regulation and tax laws. And along comes Rush, already on the same page.

And now, two decades later, there's not enough time in the day to listen to all the wonderful radio talk show hosts. We now have the ability to pick and choose who we listen to. Of course, that may just apply to people more on the Conservative side of the political spectrum. It seems as though the Liberal-slanted talk shows haven't done so well. The next President of the United States may be somebody that doesn't like the current slant of the playing field and could try to do his best to gain support for the resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine in order to level the playing field.

But wait, the left already has the slant of the playing field in their favor in the main stream media, Hollywood entertainment, education and now even in some Christian denominations. The only thing left to stop their dominance is talk radio, the New Media, and the blogs. Let's say it this way: If Rush is ever stopped, we're all in trouble!

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