Friday, July 18, 2008

Better Living Through "Chemergy"

By John Kubicek

Well, if anyone were to ask me at this moment how I'm doing, I'd have to use Dave Ramsey's famous line, "Better than I deserve!"

So, how could I be so happy today, despite the rising prices of food, and fuel for my car?

Oh, for sure, anyone that gets all their news from the main stream media, would have to be depressed - except for the fact that oil prices had dropped dramatically in the last few days.... Wait, you didn't hear that?

But wait, believe it or not, that is NOT the news that is making me so happy today! Do you really want to know what IS making me so happy? Ecstatic? How about a lot of alcohol! No, not for my own personal consumption, but something as an alternative fuel to feed to our vehicles.

What I heard somebody talk about last night on the radio was the perfect antidote to Al Gore's rage about global warming. Did you hear or read all of what Al Gore said? Just to summarize it, the news headlines mentions that Al Gore feels that we should and can be "100% Carbon Neutral by 2018"! That's a great idea! Algore was 100% correct for the first time in his life!


Allow me to explain, please. At a good old liberal website,, the whole Al Gore philosophy of blaming America and Free Enterprise just came down to a crashing end. While The truth really is that it will be America AND Free Enterprise that will keep us all going for another generation or two!

While Al Gore was making his usual lame claims that we are all doomed, he really did say the right things, and that is we need to get off the addiction, the habit, of using "fossil" fuels in order to live. We really need to quit importing oil from countries that want nothing more than to see our way of life fail. (Our FREEDOM makes them look bad, right?) So, don't you think we should cut back on our life-styles, our way of driving the SUV's, of being so blatantly selfish? Should we continue to torment the rest of the world in our way of exploiting the hydro-carbon resources so available in every other part of the world? And in our part of the planet?

No, I know, you think that the answer I'll provide is that we need to Drill, Drill, and Drill some more! I've been accused of feeling that we should sacrifice our "pristine" environment in order just to maintain our lush lifestyles. And maybe until last night, you could have been right!

True, that is like the garlic to vampires, to believe that real people could not in any way give up our freedoms or our lavish life-styles. Why, shouldn't we all know by now, that burning all these hydro-carbon fuels, supposedly created by dead dinosaurs, would make the world too warm for us to survive?

The Al Gore global-warming hysteria really never affected me. Really, it didn't, but I needed to make a big point of it, for a very positive reason: What I heard said last night just made all the more sense to me. We all know about the energy problem we are in right now. One side says to drill, drill and drill to slash our dependency on foreign oil. The other side says that we need alternatives to oil - really cool stuff like renewable sources, such as wind and solar generated electricity. In fact, I heard about a guy, just yesterday, that says that power can be produced by riding those various exercise machines at the health center!

We have all learned, though, that we need an energy source that isn't going to leave that big-foot sized carbon footprint. Isn't that the goal? To reduce the amount of carbon that we release into the atmosphere? Then, why aren't more people listening to a genius like David Blume? Oh, who's he?

David Blume is an Ecological biologist who realizes the "importance and benefits of alcohol-based fuels, and how the petroleum industry has suppressed their development." I am no environmentalist, but I do believe in preserving the environment through conservation, which includes the full use of our natural resources in an economical way. I found out that we don't have to produce energy by taking all the corn we can produce and making it even more difficult for agricultural enterprises to afford to feed their cows and chickens.

I could write about this all day, but I don't need to. David Blume has done all the work for me, already! What I heard about last night, based on his book, "Alcohol Can Be a Gas", blew me away, and it'll do the same for you! Everything I heard about it made me realize what an opportunity that true entrepreneurs really have in this country!

Our answers to the energy crisis - to paying $4.00/gallon for gas for our transportation - will not be solved by Congress passing legislation, and the President signing them into laws. It has NOTHING to do with the government, as a matter of fact. David Blume has given us information for US to use, at the grass-roots level. What I heard was totally opposite of the bitterness, the class-envy, that we are all used to thinking about - for those that listen to nothing but the lame-stream news (MSM)....

Can we beat the energy crisis? You bet we can!

Can we find energy that doesn't further pollute our environment? You bet we can!

Can we convert bio-mass into energy without keeping people from giving up that one vital need we have, to eat food? YOU BET WE CAN!

So, are you ready to make a difference? (And no, I'm not talking about anything but "Change")... Do you want to be a revolutionary? What I heard David Blume tell George Norre, and US last night, will do just that: eliminate our dependence on oil coming from countries that are not our friends, and at the same time, offer many new opportunities for those of us that feel we can take care of ourselves; we don't really NEED the government to take care of our only need... which is why this article may or may not ever see the light of day!

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