Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Happy New Year for my friends at WND.com

By John Kubicek

There are many people I want to thank for helping 2008 be a good year, and to thank in advance for a wonderful year to come in 2009. Many people have faced hardships and sorrows in 2008, but it was the friends I have that kept me encouraged to get through the storms I faced. I believe that without a doubt, there will have to be a lot of that love going around in 2009. While many of us may be spared from a devasted economy, wicked weather and other disasters, there will be the few that will need us to keep in our prayers.

Had it not been for WorldNetDaily, I would have never known most of the friends that I have now. I had been an avid reader of the site for quite awhile, when one day, there was this icon with "digg" on it. I remember that day, and always will, as it seemed like just yesterday, but it was in late April, 2007 when I first noticed it. It did not take me long to develop a network of my loved friends once I started submitting WND articles to digg.com.

And it has been a wild ride since then. I then became aquainted with the blogs. At first, I put a lot of time on blognetdaily, a WND forum. Writing about articles and the issues of the day was always fun, and just as enlightening when reading other's comments, or posts. And then came digg.com. Now, I'm not sure if Joseph Farah, founder of WND, would agree that digg has been a good thing. For all the positive things posted on digg.com regarding him and WND, there have also been a hefty and lefty share of WND-haters. The detractors. Uh, I just have to say this: "Can you digg it?"

You see, I love reading commentaries as much as I love writing them. If there has ever been a great advantage of having the Internet (thanks to Algore, of course /sarcasm), we have the ability to share our thoughts with each other. Once upon a time, it was when the printing press was invented that helped to shape civilization. And now, we have the ability to share our thoughts and concerns and epiphanies with each other at light speed. And now, it is a 24/7/365 Town Hall meeting. You gotta love it!

Thanks to my many friends at WND, I was introduced to this new way of communication. I don't know if there is any other way to show my great appreciation for what they do, other than to keep doing what I've been doing! And, right back at them, I hope that they also keep doing what they've been doing, too! And in a gushing way of saying it, THANK YOU, JOSEPH FARAH! You have chosen the greatest writers around to be apart of your crew. Everybody there at WND and Shop.WND deserve my greatest kudos!

HAPPY NEW YEAR, you all!

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John Kubicek said...

There are so many people that I want to thank for making 2008 a great year. Had it not been for WorldNetDaily.com, though, I wouldn't have met any of you.

Here are some of the people at WND that I've been reading on a regular basis:

Aaron Klein, Alan Keyes, Ann Coulter, Barbara Simpson, Ben Shapiro, Bob Unruh, Chelsea Schilling, Chuck Norris, Craig R. Smith, Craige McMillan, Dave Ramsey, David Limbaugh, Doug Powers, Drew Zahn, Ellis Washington, Erik Rush, Ernest Istook, Greg Laurie, Hal Lindsey, Henry Lamb, Ilana Mercer, Jack Cashill, Jane Chastain, Janet (Folger) Porter, Jerome Corsi, Jill Stanek, Joe Kovacs, Jonathan Falwell, Joseph Farah, Kevin McCullough, Larry Elder, Matt Sanchez, Melanie Morgan, Michael Ackley, Mychal Massie, Patrice Lewis, Pat Boone, Patrick J. Buchanan, Phil Elmore, Roger Hedgecock, Star Parker, Vox Day, and Walter Williams

And I hope I didn't forget anyone there....

To each and everyone of you that are reading this comment, Happy New Year!

John & Laurie said...

Congrats on WND giving you due honors on their commentary page, my friend. Way to go! - KCLorelei

John Kubicek said...

Wow, KCLorelei, thank you very much for letting me know! And thank you. Joseph Farah! I'm stunned!

Christinewjc said...

Great post John! And, congratulations for getting noticed by WND!

I once had a "letter to the editor" posted there and I thought that was exciting. You got recognized for an entire blog post!

You have started off the New Year in a great way - thanking your friends and the people you love.


Your blogging and Digg friend,

P.S. Loved this part:

For all the positive things posted on digg.com regarding him and WND, there have also been a hefty and lefty share of WND-haters. The detractors. Uh, I just have to say this: "Can you digg it?"

"hefty and lefty share of WND-haters"... Boy ain't that the truth!

We just continue to laugh at the Digg-bots and share the great articles at WND! When the "Bots" digg my comments down...I wear it proudly!

Keep up the great work, John!