Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Who is for Gun Control in America?

By John Kubicek

It wasn't long ago that Doug Powers wrote about the gun control in India, and how it became so easy for terrorists to gun down so many people. He writes:

One thing is certain: Mass terrorist slaughters like the one in Mumbai could happen in the United States. That something similar and on such a grand scale hasn't happened yet isn't for lack of trying on the part of terrorists. As many mass shootings in the U.S. have demonstrated to us (and unfortunately to terrorists as well), our citizens are horrendously unprepared and untrained for a terrorist attack like the one in India last week. And by 'trained,' I mean more than just to dial 9-1-1 and eke out a prayer before being shot.
So, just how fast can you even dial 9-1-1? And what happens if you get voice mail when you call 9-1-1, in desperate need for emergency assistance? And will you even have time to say a prayer?

There was just one problem with Alderman (Alderwoman, to be P.C.) Lyda Krewson's analysis and lack of a solution. Would her husband have been gunned down had the criminal that did it have to wonder if the intended victims could be armed? The following video will answer that question:

So, would criminals be deterred if they had to worry about people having a way to defend themselves? Would the opportunities for a crime to be committed be drastically reduced? You betcha!

And, that is the whole point. When the 2nd Amendment was enacted, though, the need and purpose for the citizens to be armed was in the desire to defend ourselves against enemies, foreign and domestic. Yes, for deterrence! And it worked, at least until the government began regulating what kinds of guns could be sold, and where people could own them. Conceal and carry laws have only brought us restrictions that were greatly increased. And what did we get for that tactic? Columbine? Virginia Tech? Mass shootings in malls across the country?

How long will it be before we have a terrorist attack such as in Mumbai, India? How long will it before an undeterred domestic enemy decides to put America into lock-down - martial law - for an undetermined amount of time?

To answer the question, "Who is for Gun Control in America?": Criminals and the enemies of our freedom, foreign and domestic.

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Leslie said...

I am a proud NRA member and an advocate for the 2nd amendment. I honestly believe that if more good citizens carried, there would be less violent crimes because the criminals would know they were taking a chance that the person they were about to victimize might just shoot them dead on the spot. Sure would save the taxpayers from having to pay to send the criminals to prison for life.

machinepolitick said...

The government doesn't like an armed populace. We might fight back. Also, any terrorist attacks will be blamed on Bush. Everyone knows terrorists love Obama, he's willing to talk. Then again, maybe that will be the reason for the next attack. The scumbags he intends to release from GITMO will make a bee-line for our major cities, I'm sure.