Monday, December 29, 2008

A Happy New Year for my friends at!

By John Kubicek

More than anything that I've learned since joining back in April of 2007. I've learned the importance of the people that I correspond with, the importance of being committed to great friendships. I dedicate this post to all those on digg.ocm that have added so much to my life. (Hey, and some aren't even my "mutual friends" - some are people that I could argue with all day, but I love them, too!)

I was just getting my feet wet on digg for the first 8 months in 2007. It was when I started taking it seriously in 2008 that I saw how much it helps to even have some moral support. Stuff happened in 2008 that I hope I'd never have to experience again. The very difficult winter last year, my dog Moochie taking off for an unannounced vacation from her castle in February, a problem with excess water in Cedar Rapids last June, losing my job in June and getting it back in September, and of course the ongoing theme: wondering if what I am doing is going to help anyone... Oh, wait, I forgot - for a moment - about that election thing and the financial blow-out...

And so, am I saying that 2009 will be any easier? Uh, no. In fact.... Okay, I'm not going to go there, but I do believe that all of us together can help each other, just the way I was helped through my storm in 2008.

There's another point that I want to get to today, too. This Happy New Year's message also goes out to people that have not been exactly my fans. But, many of those that do not agree with me, well - I see a lot of good in many of them, too! For me, that has been easy to accept them as friends (to a point). I have personal experience with loving people in my family regardless of their point of view.

In fact, just yesterday I pointed out in a comment I wrote that I will no longer digg down comments unless they are so offensive that I am compelled to report it to as violations of the Terms of Service. That goes for anyone I know on either side of the aisle. I do believe in tolerance, but I will draw a line in the sand.

With that being said, let me reiterate the fact that my experience on has brought me in contact with many great people, who I only wish the best for in this next year. It may be difficult, but we can pull together regardless of our personal opinions. Kind of like we were right after 9/11. Know what I'm saying?

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machinepolitick said...

Thanks and Happy New Year. Good luck and I'll help when I can.