Saturday, December 20, 2008

My 2008 Story of the Year - They Make 'em Good in Iowa!

By John Kubicek

There could have been many stories that would make it to the top of the list for TOP NEWS STORIES FOR 2008. In this case, I'm going to tell you about the top story that directly touched my life, in many ways. And this is a story that really needs to spread across the land. We are all facing a coming crisis that may still be beyond our imagination.

In 2008, and even carrying over from 2007, Iowa had experienced a very brutal winter. Across this great state, many Iowans fell on their knees and prayed, and we had the support of many people across this great land. We've had to endure many hardships.

Despite the great adversities of last winter, we persevered. Iowans are resilient, as are most of the people across this great nation.

Being that this is my "Top Story of 2008," I wanted to make this a good one. That is why for the next few minutes, I'll just let the following videos speak for me:

Maybe the reason for sharing this story today is that we are all facing our storms. We now need to decide where we want to go. In the last video, there was Ashton Kutcher, a good ol' Iowa native. He decided to do what he could to help in his home state. I respect that. Really, I greatly do respect that. They DO make 'm good in Iowa. Joining in the effort to help out Iowans was another Iowa native, Shawn Johnson, an Olympic gymnast.

And better yet, there are efforts going on that you will probably never see in the news. We'll continue to talk about those efforts in the future.

There is a point to remember here. Consider what had happened here in Iowa as an example. As we face further tribulations - personal or nationwide - let's remember that we can all be here for each other. Let's be September 12th people, folks.

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Leslie said...

I am a flood victim from Cedar Rapids. This past year was also one of the worst winters I have ever experienced since moving here to IA. Definitely been a tough year for those of us living here.