Thursday, December 11, 2008

ILLINOIS: Ground Zero for the ODD Pandemic!

By John Kubicek

Update, Friday, December 12, 2008
In my haste to break this feverish story, one that could not just go viral, but BE viral, I failed to mention the prerequisite reading that would be necessary to comprehend this installment. The background for this story can be found in The Wizard of ODD. Even though I had left a few clues in this piece - you know, like that underlined text which is normally a link to another page - it seemed that some readers were still left clueless. No, not saying all of you! Just those few... Never mind. Just make sure you have the background for this story before continuing.

I may soon have to go into hiding. I'm now the ultimate whistle blower. I've apparently uncovered that strain of O.D.D. that has gone into pandemic mode, and seems to be a real career killer. And then, I go and discover ground zero. Yes, right there in Illinois! And now, the President-Select is right in the middle of a gigantic storm.

So that you know just how this disease of O.D.D. is spreading, we need to see how there is more than obvious evidence of defiance:

Video above: Hey Rod, you'll never be able to look your mom in the eyes again!

And it all fits. The dots are easily connected. Now, the left side of the talking heads in the media are all claiming that the Governor of Illinois has lost it. And I kind of feel bad; I think I've given them some new type of disorder to explain the bizarre behavior. Oppositional Defiant Disorder, now known as, Obama Derangement Disorder.

When the belief becomes so strong that you are beyond any kind of reality of what you mean to America... When the belief becomes so strong that you would lie to your mom.... It has to be a matter of derangement and delusional beliefs.

But did I not say, in a previous post, that:

I am sure that you have seen how tragic this disorder is. It just seems so obvious when you see people that are ODD. The childlike behaviour of believing in the most unbelievable fantasies. I mean, people that only knew one thing about the candidate, and possible source of this deadly behavioral disease, and that was "hope for change." And yes, if you noticed I said "deadly," you would hopefully know just how profound that was. Because it seems like they are willing to watch the suicide of America happen right in front of them, and not say anything (unless you are Glenn Beck).
This is just the tip of the iceberg.

The ODD pandemic has begun! And be sure to keep an eye out for another symptom: Mass Obamacide!

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